Root Rot Happens After Each Reservoir Change

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  1. My roots are white and good, healthy. But every time I dump my buckets and change the reservoir, they'll get root rot for several days... I'll get em healthy white again, change the reservoir, and root rot sets in again. How can I avoid this? Tell me your reservoir changing routine, how do you prepare the water?
  2. This is what I do. I'm no professional but don't have any root rot.
    1. I fill several 5 gallon buckets and let them sit for minim 24 hours so the chlorine evaporates.
    2. pH it to 5.8.
    3. Do a ppm measurement.
    4. Add nutrients starting with silica (if you have it) than the micro followed by everything else mixing between every addition.
    5. pH it agin to 5.8 if it has gone back up. If goes down I than leave it as long as it's above 5.5
    6. Ppm agin if solution is to strong add more water.
    What is your routine that you're worried about?
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  3. Are you employing a strategy of constant disinfection or beneficial bacteria. Also, I'm assuming this is DWC?
  4. Are you using warm water rez changes?

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  5. could be water temps. if too warm it will cause rot.

    also possible to use hydrogen peroxide to curb root rot.
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  6. If you use beneficials like Hydroguard, rez temp pretty much becomes a non-issue. H2O2 is good for spot treatments of infected roots but isn't good for constant rez disinfection. It reacts immediately with any biological load and quickly dissipates into O2 and H2O within a couple of hours leaving no residual disinfectant. The pathogens recolonize almost immediately.

    For keeping a sterile rez, a chlorine disinfectant like UC Roots is better, and re-adding it every 3 days maintains a constant disinfectant level.

    Beneficials also negate the need to disinfect. Hydroguard... Godly stuff!
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    have never tried Hydroguard or UC Roots. thanks i'll check them out.

    EDIT: i'm assuming General Hydroponics FloraShield is basically the same thing. I'm going to try this with my next grow for sure.
  8. Florashield is a rinse, a cleaner or flushing agent. Hydroguard is beneficial bacteria that replicate and their population keeps other pathogens at bay. Don't use any sort of disinfectant with Hydroguard.
  9. ah okay. thanks.

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