Root rot and DWC

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  1. HUGE THANKS TO RUMPLEFORESKIN! He got me started on the DWC Hydro rabbit hole.

    In my endeavor to better my ladies I've run into a few issues. I've been adding enzymes microbes and other biostimulants. I find it's like baking. In your recipe it has to be balanced.

    In my mix and match of bios I've probably caused every kind on root rot and probably created a few.

    The solution has been H2O2 or a flush solution.

    I've looked into ultrasonic cleaning for the root problems. What I find is that hyacinth plant used to clean water get biofilm. And a remedy is ultrasonic cleaning.
    So has anyone had any experience or remedy in this?

  2. Tony. First off dwc i hate it . You can buy all these solutions and even add bleach so on and so on.
    No matter what you do it will rot . The reason your roots are rotting is the water temp is to hot .
    DWC proper water temps 60 to 65 never over 67 f red line on temps never hotter . Best temp is 62 it allows the most o2 to be delivered to your roots . So keep the water at 62 and you will benefit from dwc. If you cant keep it cool pot those plants into soil today they might recover .
    I have been through it before . I am retired but used to aero cloning and i had to get a major water cooling system for the water it was worth it . They clone fast with aero.
    Keep that water at 62 and that water will be good to go until you decide to change nutrients . In my aero cloner i kept the water for three months or more before no issues
  3. Thanks Bryan. I have all pumps on timers so they dont heat up the res, and a ton of air. Temps usually between 65-67, under 70. I didn't realize 67 is the cut off always aimed under 70, good to know. The root is from mixing enzymes A and bacteria B and they react with the roots zone causing the biofilm. Been working on the recipe, added NPK nutes to Dakine420 feed schedule and poof slime. I realize I can't mix the 2 companies biostimulants. I have 1 RDWC going nicely, the other is just DWC and that's the 1 I scummed up. Only uses H2O2 and Watermax so far and the slime is gone but the discoloration is still disconcerting.

    The ultrasound cleaner will be here in the next few days. We shall see.
  4. I don't grow DWC. I grow in living soil, but I have to ask...

    Why are you adding these things to a DWC system?

    And what are these products, specifically? Brand name, and who makes them?
  5. I grow using DWC systems. I keep my reservoirs at 67-68 degrees .
    Post what nutrients your using ?
    Never seen the need for a ultrasonic cleaners
  6. You will not need anything to keep it clean once the temps are under control. After your harvest to get it clean if its possible to run 25 %bleach to water flush clean....... do soo . ( ONLY) if your system is easily flushed . Bleach is a bitch to get out of hoses so on. Run that bleach for a few days . It should kill everything . Then run plain water and flush that until gone . Again im not sure what equipment your using . If it does not sound right dont do it .
  7. In the RDWC I'm using Dakine420 complete and add Bioag Fulpower @ 10ml-gallon and Proteck @ 2-3ml gallon. Watermax @ 2-10ml gallon, And add H2O2 @3ml gallon till the roots are bone white and clean. Tried using Bioag Supersil but that caused biofilm. Then tried Bioag ION14 and again biofilm. So I stick with Proteck for silica.
    In the stand alone DWC Im using NPK industries trying to spoon feed those 2. Using their complete line less the molasses. And H2O2 and Watermax same rate.

    4 plants were in a starter sprayer, mister. And they must have contacted something and compromised the roots of all 4. The RDWC is pretty clean but not taking chances so still using watermax

    Tons of bubbles in the water. Environment Temps 65-78.

    After every cycle I bleach the daylights out of everything. And let it run till everything just wipes clean.
    I know it's the cocktail of biostimulants that keeps causing it. Trying to push the plant to uptake as much as possible.

    Thanks all.
  8. I use Canna aqua products, one time mixed some enzymes and my plants got root rot in no time.
    Not everything mixes.
    Running Max nutrients, i have a nutrient photometer, IMO its the only way to know exactly where your nutrient levels are.
  9. Between H2O2 Watermax and an ultrasonic cleaner I git a head of the root rot. So I'd say hit it with all three if you can. I can't say 1 was better then the other because I threw everything at it at once.

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