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Root Riot Cubes

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by JBRONCFAN, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Been hearing a lot about these things.  Was wondering if anyone here have used them.
    I have used the tried and true paper towel, crack open seeds then push them into soil technique for so long I don't know of anything else.
    These are already moistened soil cubes that you simply push new seeds into and in a week you have a seedling.  Cube ends up being root-bound.  Tons of positive reviews for these. 

  2. Hey man when I sprout seeds I pop them in the soil and put a plastic baggy over the solo cup it is in. I keep this moist until they sprout. No paper towel or root cube. Just my preferred method it is more natural. With a properly built and cycled soil you should have no issues sprouting seeds in it.
    I've used them for a while now, mostly for clones but I've popped a seed or two in them as well.  They hold moisture and are airy at the same time which is ideal for the young cuttings.  As soon as I get an established root system going I pop the cube into a light soil mix and it's good to go.
  4. Same here dope, though I have not used them for starting seeds. I've just used my soil so far for that, to no disappointment. I didn't soak nor scarify any and I got 17 out of 18 (IIRC) to pop, just by sowing them 1/4 inch into the soil in 2" pots.
    The cubes work great for cloning though. I just take clones, soak 'em, dip 'em in VAM and then tp into the cubes. Haven't lost one yet, using Chunk's idea of supplying enough heat underneath the tray to passively humidify the dome. 
  5. I just started to use them.  I actually did place my seeds in them.  Worked great.  I plan to use for clones also. 
  6. I have used 100's of them. They work great, its the only way we do clones or seeds. Used with a dome (with vents) and a heating mat w/ temp. I highly recommend them. We used to have an EZ clone 120 and used it 1 time....the cubes work so much better and much less work we sold the ez clone over 2 years ago!
  7. Had a question.  How deep to you press the seed into the cube?  Do you want to see the head of the seed when you are done?  Do you want the head to disappear?
    I would imagine it is the same as planting into soil. The seed should not be seen.
  9. I soaked my seed overnight.  I then applied it into the cube just as you would soil.  Just low enough so you can no longer see it.
    That is smart. I never soak my cannabis seeds before planting. I should, I do it with vegetables. Some took weeks without a pre-soak while they actually pop open when I soak overnight, not everything sprouts whille being soaked but I think I averaged around a week to sprout after soaking. Should do this for my canna-seeds since those seem to take a while to sprout.
  11. Difference between soil and Root Riot is soil doesn't have a pre-made hole already in it which in turn could cause one to plant the seed TOO deep having little or no resistance. 
    Been reading on websites how many drop their seeds into a glass of water and in 24-48 hours they sink to the bottom and usually break open.  Great thing about planting a seed that pops open is that you are working with a viable seed, not a seed that won't do anything. 
  12. Yes, the one technique I'd verily waste time with is simply soaking the sees prior to sowing. The whole pre-germinating thing eludes my reasoning though....

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