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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kyle6203, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Ok, when I first started my grow I used party cups to start the seedlings. I ended up having to transplant way earlier then I thought I would because the roots started coming out the bottom. Now the same thing is happening in my 1 gallon pot. I know there is plenty room in the pot to grow, but there is roots coming out of literally every drainage hole in the pot. I know if I transplant into a 3 gallon it will only be a a week or 2 before there is roots coming out of the holes in that pot as well, what do I do?
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe roots will grow straight down before doing a lot of horizontal branching. I had a similar thing happen after I transplanted to 5 gal pots, BUT after a few days the root seamed to want to find the moist dirt again, and stopped growing out the bottom without me doing anything. As long as the roots aren't blocking drainage, i would wait and see...also wait for an expert opinion, mine is not, lol!
  3. Are you growing indoors?
    How are you watering them?
    What strain are they?

    Allot of people breed certain MJ for certain traits.For early flowering,late flowering
    hardyness,mold resistant,Yeild,ROOT GROWTH,taste,smell,high.
    It might be possable that you have a strain that promotes root growth.I can name
    a quite a few.
    If your growing indoors and have your pots in a big drainage tray, and you
    fill that big srainage tray up with water,the roots tend to grow more downwards
    because thats where they are getting fed from, so they tend to reach out to it.
    I forgot wich technique it is called but thats because Im permifried:smoking:

    One of the ways to control this is by transplanting it into a bigger pot,
    or by just leaving it in the current one so it all can ball up a bit.
    And if your outdoors, put her in the ground and watch her get monsterous

    I had the same problem and I used it as an advantage....Youl see:D

    *EDIT*Post some pics too
  4. Yes, indoors. My setup is probably the most ghetto on this site ( white garbage bags hanging, text books to prop the pots/cups up to the light) LOL, oh well it seems to be working fine. Their under 150 watts of cfl now, in MG Organic soil with perilite. This is my first grow so I didn't want to blow 30 bucks on seeds and fail miserably so I just used bagseed. I water when I stick my finger half way into the soil and can't feel any moisture.
  5. Hey man what ever works dude.Well you see the thing with
    MG soil is that it has time release ferts.This is a bitch to grow with and
    can harm your plants(over firtalization).Just keep testing the PH of it
    because the time release ferts show up unexpected.

    If overfertalization does occur than you can take off a couple inches of soil
    on the top layer, then leach it.(WATER FLUSHING).Ive also heard
    of people using hydrogen peroxide after leaching(not the kind on shelfs).

    Just be aware that over firtalization has a higher chance to occur now.
    And Id say the root growth is a good thing man.Then It can take in more
    nutrients and grow larger.I would suggest LSTing them.Good root growth
    is a very good thing for this method.Trust me I know from experiance,
    and had very good yeilds from it.I call it Bonsaiing tho.
    Good Luck
  6. No there is no time released ferts in my soil. It is MG Organic, not the regular 3 month feeding MG potting soil. If you say my roots growing like that is a good thing ill take ur word for it and leave it alone.

    OH i almost forgot to mention, on one of the roots poking out the bottom it has turned sorta a brownish color at the tip, and on another root it has begun growing these little tiny fine white hairs. I'm pretty sure thats bad lol.

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