Root Problem! NEED HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by madamayo, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Okay... so my plant has been doing AWESOME. Growth has been exploding and going well, but last time I changed the nutrient out, I forgot to flush the plant!

    This morning I checked my grow and noticed a somewhat funky smell. After closer inspection (and some time on the net) I have come to the conclusion that I might be heading towards or experiencing root rot!:eek: I don't think it's algae because every time I change the water, I scrub the tote with some dilluted bleach water, and rinse thoroughly.

    I'm using a DWC, with about 350ppm of nurient.

    Here's some pictures:




    Please help! I am not sure what to do. They feel somewhat slimey.
  2. Looks to me like it's either root rot or brown slime algae. What are your water temps?

    You should rinse the roots, clean out the entire res again. Then run h2o2 in your solution until you can get a bottle of aquashield or any product to create a beneficial rhizosphere
  3. Rinsed off the roots and ya, it's just algae. How much H2O2 do I mix with water? Do I add it to the reservoir? Should I make some kind of H2O2 spray to clean the roots?

    Water temp is 73.
  4. Nevermind.

    Changed the res, rinsed the roots really well *some of the algae wouldn't go*

    Added h2o2 to the resevoir (2.5 oz H2O2 in 6gal H2O) so hopefully things should get better. Will be getting some aquashield as soon as i can, thank you for the tip.
  5. Things that will permafix that:

    <1> Chiller to get temps low - 60F or so.

    <2> Airstones to pump air into the water or powerheads to flume it - either way, get your DO up up up.

    <3> aquarium uv sterilizer running in a closed loop

    Number 1 is by far the best option
  6. I do have an air stone in there kicking out a ton of bubbles, but I will definitely invest in a chiller. When I mixed up the nutes I made water that was 60, so it should stay chilled for a while. Opened the window in my office too, since I'm on the top floor I have no worries about insects coming in, and it keep this back room under 68. Figure if the air stays cold, the water should too.
  7. Consider Pondzyne, available at most home depot type stores that sell water features. A little goes a VERY long ways. Buy a small tub and it will last you the rest of your days.

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