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  1. The other day I ended up switching my soil from Happy Frog to Root Organics original. I listened to my hydro guy support their soil, with rave reviews. I have also started looking into Root Organics nutes. Im currently using Technaflora nutes, with great results, I am pleased. Im still fairly new to growing, and interested in new to me products. Does anyone use this line? Their soil? I havent transplanted yet, so Im not sure about the soil. I would love to hear what GC thinks! :wave:
  2. Roots puts out some great products. I have used their master schedule many times always with great success. Only downfall is it is expensive and you will need calmag. Hygrozyme is a great addition to their line up as well. It is good practice to bubble your nutes 48 hrs minimum before watering with roots. Also I always started feeding at full strength with no ill affect.
  3. Bubble my nutes?

    I have found that the roots and techna are around the same price out here. Which is why I consider the switch. Although Techna has a cal mag and is a very complete set. IDK, but I do appreciate the help.

    Nice journal!
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    Bubbling is when you mix your nutes w/ water then put an airstone in there and let your mix sit or bubble for a while. Works real well with roots products. I never had to add ph up or down when I used roots. Knowing what I put in I could let them bubble and as the broke down for a couple days the ph would rise at different rates depending on what week. I just mixed my nutes at a certain time so the ph would be right when it came time to water.
  5. Well with organics and utilizing the benificial bacteria the soil ph isn't as big of a concern. I check the ph still but I never adjust it.
  6. Id like to go organic, but I kinda feel like its a bit intense. Is there an organics for dummies? So like a lil 10 gal tote and an air stone, add filtered water, nutes, bubble for a few days, PH test for the hell of it... and we are good to go? Sounds easy once ya get the hang of it. So what about the cal mag issues?
  7. I would also like to know more about bubbling nutes for 48 hours prior to use in roots organic. The only thing I can add to this on roots organic is if anyone decides to go ahead and use Roots Organic 707 in the bigger bag make sure you check your soil ph and your run off ph. the last few month we have been struggling with the ph right out of the bag. With the Roots Organic Indoor potting soil the ph is fine and so is run off. But when using 707 make sure to cover your basics and know where your ph is at or your gonna have problems
  8. I still feel like compete organics is to intense for me right now... but Im doing my homework. I heard the 707 was good stuff, but harder to deal with. I am pleased with the Roots Original that I am using now, drains better than the Happy Frog I was using.

  9. You only should bubble roots organics nutes before watering. I don't know about other types of nutes. The reason is they need to break down more and it takes a while to do so.
  10. I got ya just with roots nutes. I was like man maybe Im missing something haha. Good info.
  11. I love roots organics soil, wont burn young seedlings, cheap, great dirt. One think I do not like about it is I've been finding tree bark in it.

    I also use technaflora recipie for success I love the step by step instructions (always add boost first! :) ) I do recommend going with a higher Ph then what they recommend. 6.02 is to low and Im currently finding deficines with one plant, calcium mag lockout. I raise it to 6.5 for that reason alone.
  12. isn't tree bark good? Organic material but also it promotes beneficial bacteria and fungia. I don't have the book with me but I remeber reading it in Teeming with Microbes. Shredded bark promotes bacteria while larger pieces promote fungai to propogate. It was talking about using shredded wood as mulch but I don't know if the same rule applies to wood mixed in with the soil
  13. What are people "PH"ing there water to in roots organic indoor soil...I was told 5.8 b/c of the coco in it??
  14. I don't ph my water anymore. I measure it to make sure its not too out of wack but with organics and beneficial bacteria doing the work, the ph takes care of itself. My AACT ph will sometimes get close to 8 but after watering with the tea, the soil ph will not change. This is my experience anyways. Sorry I'm off work sick and haven't slept much at all in the past few days

  15. Around 6.6 there is not enough coco in it for the hydro ph
  16. My tap water is around 7.8 ph..after adding in all my nutes and enhancers my ph is usually around 6.3.
    I am switching to ph perfect base nutes and it takes the water ph down to 5.8. Will that cause any problems in this soil?? "original Roots organic potting soil" If it has buffers in the soil and I dont have to worry to much about ph that would be great but I was hoping you guys might know and could help a brother out ha

  17. you dont want your ph at 5.8 for a soil grow it should be around 6.5-6.8. 5.8 is for hydro and coco grows if your ph is that low in soil you will end up locking out nutrients your plant needs.

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