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  1. I saw this

    Podington Direct, Online Garden Centre for rootgrow® 75g

    its called rootgrow it says that

    it says that its safe for growing vegetables

    I was wondering if this would work wonders for marijuana plants? what kind of impact it would have on the plants
  2. Many growers innoculate the root systems of their plants with mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizai is available in two forms, generally:

    Pelletized, to be used as a soil amendment. You add that to your soil before the grow starts.

    Water Soluble, which can be added to your feeding solution.

    I don't know which type you have there, but the price is certainly right.

    One caveat worth mentioning: some chemicals in some fertilizers can kill the mycorrhizal fungi. I heard that said about EDTA, a chelating agent in Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus.
  3. I dont have a issue there because i dont use chemical ferts i make my own organic stuff
  4. Mycorrizae are great for your marijuana> I use it faithfully.
    Do some internet searching on it - you'll find some great reading. Any of the organic guys/gals here will verify this.

    good luck.


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