Root Emergency - Please Advise

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    First time grower.
    DWC - 5 Gallons Bucket Per Plant
    1 air pump (7.8L) 2 outputs ---> T-splitters ----> 3 6" air stones
    Bubbles vigorous and present in all systems
    Air temperature - Conditioned @ 75F constant
    Water temperature - Cool to cold to the touch. Unknown value, but relatively low due to reflective system and excellent air flow in grow room
    Plants have been through HELL and back:
    Started in rockwool
    Went to soil
    Cleaned roots of dirt
    Went to DWC tote
    Room temps hit 90F and system developed a truly horrible rotten egg smell
    Many many hours of bleaching EVERYTHING in sight
    Each plant sat in its own isolated 250 ppm solution for 4 hours
    Plants sat in net pots in straight air for 12 hr to maximize oxygen root penetration
    Rinsed each plant with tap water for 2 hours
    Transplanted to sterile hydro system
    Just today, new roots have started to appear.
    The lower leaves that began to yellow have been chopped off with a sterile blade when they became fully yellow.
    Plants have been on the verge of death many, many times. I am 6-7 weeks in to veg.
    3 buckets 5 gallons each.
    Light proof, Mylar wrapped, Checked as best as I could.
    330 PPM General Hydroponics Flora Nova GROW
    3 mL / gallon BLEACH (50% sodium hypochlorite / 50% NaOH solution) = 15 mL per 5 gallon bucket ADDED 5 HOURS BEFORE PICS
    pH is > 7.0 as we speak. Plants seem to not care as long as I spray them.
    3 mL / gallon SM-90
    150 mL lemon juice was added 3 days ago to lower pH. "pH down" is on its way. I plan rez water change within the next 12-48 hr.
    I have no idea wtf to do now. My mind is in rewind. Any and all comments appreciated.

  2. I dont know that I would want to feed my plants a bleech solution, I would have used peroxide. 7.0 ph is way too high, get that down to 5.8. Find out what your rez temp is, I would highly recommend a chiller. What is your water source?
  3. considering how much shit you have put them through I think your lucky they are still alive.... and you thinking they don't care about their PH being so high? I'm not so sure about that dude, I mean, look at the state of them. I think it's time to give them normal conditions so they can grow normally
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  4. ^ I agree with GOLD GROWER. I don't think bleach is good for the plants. Use peroxide or food grade h2o2 to help with oxygen levels or get a bigger air pump to help combat the root issue. As far as your ph get that down to the 5.5 range or you might as well act like a PIMP and grab those little bitches around the neck and choke the shit out of them because that's what you are doing with a ph of 7.0. You get back what u put in. Get you enviroment in check and hopefully things should look brighter


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