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root bound

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by robnsi, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. hi guys, ive noticed that everytime i repot she starts growing nicely again. what size pot shud i use for abou 3 week old? its about 6-7" tall with a nice bush. sorry no pics yet lol.
  2. why not just stick it in the pot u intend to finish the plant in?
  3. Hey man well there could be a few reasons that it stops growing after a while in that pot, i don't know what size you had it in before but yeah at this stage in the grow it would be worth while just to do one last transplant into the final pot. There are a few reasons it grows better after you repot it. First is space for the roots to grow, root growth is closely realated to plant growth, also fresh supply of nutes from the new soil. Anyway yeah got for a nice big pot and tell us how things go
  4. I would say the minimum size you should even deal with is a 3 gallon bucket or pot. Take note, that the larger your pot the larger, and faster the plant will grow. Last year I used only 3 gallon buckets. My plants would hit about 24" fast, then really struggle to get larger. Im now using 5 gallon plants and my ladies have hit 24" in veg and seem to be doing great! Transplant as few times as possible, twice at most is a rule fo thumb. Once from the little cup or what it germinated in..into a small pot to hit a few inches (6-7) then into its final home.
  5. Cool. After repotting to this larger pot its shot up & out. Looking really great now @ about 4weeks, maybe more.

    What size do yours grow after just over 1 month? Cheers guys.
  6. The size is really strain and set up depdent so theres no real average size but well mine are going on there forth week and are indica's for sure. They are around 5-6 inches tall under 4 CFLs if thats of any help/reassurance to you
  7. Great guys, thanks for all your help once again! ;-)

    How will i be able to tell if mines a boy or girl? will i have to wait untill flowering?
  8. You'll have to wait a while for either the pre-flowers to show or you put it into the flowering lighting.
  9. if only we had a digi-cam :(

    • The stem is almost as thick as ur average biro (thanks to the suggestion of swisting/bending)
    • It's about 3/4ft tall & ..
    • Leaf cluster's the size of say 6" squared
    • No dead leaf's throughtout growth
    looking really great.

    Switched to 18/8 now, taken to it nicely. will keep posted :)
  10. when does the preflower stage happen or does it happen when u put in under 12/12
  11. Preflower can come as early as 3rd week of veg to as long as week 6 of veg depending on strain and grow conditions...With my strain and CFL setup mine were there by the end of 3rd week/starting of 4th...

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