Root beer connoisseurs unite

Discussion in 'General' started by astro_righteous, May 10, 2010.

  1. root beer is my all time favorite summer beverage, but i cant stand drinking it out of a can or cup or plastic bottle. Barqs is the only kind i like in a can and its gotta be ice cold on every sip.

    but glass bottles is where its at. every 2 weeks when i go grocery shopping i get a new kind of root beer in glass bottles, thing is the stores i go to only carry maybe 10 different kinds between the 3 that i go to. safeway, albertsons, and fry's (az kroger).

    my favorite in the bottles is henry weinhard's

    whats yours?
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  3. this thread is fucking awesome.

    i'm a big fan of IBC.
  4. i like IBC but it doesnt have that vintage feel like some of the others do
  5. yeah, i haven't had many root beers. that's why i think this thread is awesome. gives me something new to try when i go shopping!
  6. yeah last summer i picked up this hobby, i figured every one has a collection of their beer bottles and liquor bottles all lined up on a shelf. i just wanted some root beer cuz thats a nicer selection really.

    oh and to answer your question:
    Non, je n'ai pas peur.
  7. In my opinion the best root beer evar.
  8. Root Beer FTMFW!

    Nothing like a freezing cold Root Beer Float to cool off that cottonmouth in the summertime. :smoking:
  9. While technically not root beer, Henry Weinhard's Vanilla Creme Ale is about the closet thing to legal crack you're gonna get in the bottle.

    The stuff is absolutely fucking amazing. Brewed with real vanilla and honey too.

    Shit, this thread is awesome, but now I'm dying for one. It royally pisses me off when you find so many good sodas that simply do not distribute west of the Mississippi. Most of my favorites I have to get online, and you pay out the ass for shipping.
  10. Damn, I usually just drink Publix brand root beer. Guess I'll have to try a few of these designer varieties.
  11. well they arent designer brands. they have been around for over 100 years in most cases. its just they never built up their business to a point like Barq's and Mug, and A&W. and they exclusively bottle not can and so the shipping costs go up cuz of that added weight.
  12. Sarsaparilla is where it's at
  13. Yeah Saranac is an NY based company. They make pretty good brewskis too & their Orange Cream soft drink is :yummy:.
  14. i want to make my own root beer now.

    that would be the shit.
    righteous root beer, takes you to another world
  15. You should do it. I'd buy it.
  16. Mmm. God, I wish I were still in Louisiana

  17. i will god damn it.

    shouldnt be that hard really. i just need to find out how to make it in a barrel and then ill be happy to distribute it.

    thats one of the exports on our GC island. righteous root beer. and righteous rum.
  18. It can't be that hard to make with proper instructions.

  19. God damn this is the truth! I really do love root beer floats, but I haven't had one in forever! Need to change that this summer...

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