Roor's Lil Sista and 5-arm tree's

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    two 5-arm tree percs, the lip of the bong isn't completely glazed over and leaves a nice small tight seal around the mouth.

  2. you mean RooR Kustom and a RooR triple?
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    umm.... kustom Lil Sista and that's a double perc w/ two 5 arm-tree percs.

    don't think most people on this site would appreciate a worked roor or the bowls, i'll do a couple close ups if any one wants. The new bowl on the splashguard A/c is really dirty.
  4. wow sick......reminds me of when i had my roor perc.
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    Loving that kustom, hoping to pick one up myself real soon:hello:
  6. Throw up some closeups of that Fro Bowl on the A/C. At least it looks like one from far away.
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    I'm not sure who made it, no sig that i can see.

    Let me finish this bowl, i'll clean it up, then post some pics. It's my new favorite slide and A/c, i've owned all the roor a/c's from the original to tree 4-arm and now splash gaurd. They've all splashed back except for the splash guarded one, and the drag on the 4-arm perc was no fun having to take the a/c off after removing the slide and all that good stuff.
  8. Nice glass
  9. the kustom isn't a lil sista if it's a us. only german roor's use that name. doesn't really matter but that's what dirt was getting at. very nice pieces get a diffy for the kustom though man!

  10. like Subliminal said; if it's from the US it's not a Lil' Sis. and a tube with two percs is a Triple.
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    since when does a splashguard count as a perc? and it's the same model, doesn't really matter if made in US or not.

    i'm uploading pics of bowl, excuse me and my camera.

    what makes you think that isn't a diffy in the kustom?:confused:
    pretty sure i only keep diffusers in my tubes, i have a couple of em', and i only use the straight downstem as my fairy wand and to collect dust in the mean time.
  12. Hes calling it a triple chamber not a triple perc... Also does not make a lil sista, thats just called a kustom beaker bottom. Only makes lil sistas

    Edit: didnt see you added more pics but thats definitely a mike fro roor bowl.

  13. i didn't say the splash guard was a perc. i said that a tube with two percs is a triple, because it is... and that is absolutely not the same anything as a Lil Sis. Lil Sis's are .DE, 14'', and aren't worked.
  14. my mistake, i looked more closely and it's pretty clear there's a slit in the stem, it just appeared to be a regular downtube at first. why not use the roor diffy since all your other gear is roor if you don't mind me asking
  15. everything looks good, nice stuff man
  16. goddam i wish i had my roor still. i like that black label alot. not a fan of beaker bottoms
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    there ain't no slits!!! those are pierced holes.

    from my a/c to downstem on both roor's would be US roor pierced hole diffusers, a longer pierced for beaker 18, then a pierced 18 for my old a/c that broke but it made it out alive, another pierced 18 converting to 14 on the 3 CHAMBER straight, and then a pierced 14 on the splashguard a/c.


  18. +rep I have that same black label with two 5-arm trees:):smoking:
  19. hey any chance 123 you got it from mugsys in redondo beach?
  20. I'm likin the beaker custommmmmmm mmmmmm

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