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  1. is it better to have on with the skinny base or the one with the bigger base as shown in the pics

    consider all bigger hits more water better hits

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  2. can someone answer this question for me
  3. Its a personal decision dude.
  4. The terms are straight tube and beaker bottom.

    It's all about preference, if you buy a GonG tube from a good company either will make you very happy. The straight tube will fill up and clear much faster than the beaker but it has a slightly less smoke capacity + it doesn't manage water as well as the beaker (harder tipping, variable filling, no overflow from melted ice). I prefer beakers...
  5. do they both hit the same isnt more water better to cool the smoke down and a bigger base because more smoke can accumulate
  6. It's all a matter of preference. Beaker bottoms (on the right) hold more water, so in theory can cool the smoke more. Straight tubes have less drag, so you can get big, milky, hits fast.

    Hope that helps.
  7. More water does cool down your hits, it also creates drag which is why we try to use diffusion to further cool smoke instead of just adding more water.

    I put diffusion stones in my beaker then fill it with water only to submerge the tip of the diffused downstem, with cold water I can take fat bong rips no problem.
  8. in conclusion beaker bottoms or straight tubes

  9. dude actually read the posts that people post, its a PERSONAL PREFERENCE. nobody can tell you what YOU like

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