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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Poobles, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Well I'm leaving for Europe in a week, and planning on saving like 200 from the trip for this. Then I'll work for a few weeks or something and I'll have about 700-800 that I'll be willing to spend. I tell you, this is going to be a brutal bong. :)
  2. 800 WWOOOH!! lol you wont need to spend 800 on a crazy insane ass bong belive me 500 is all youll need with the extra 300 ill find you a headyy ass bubbler theyre soo fucking insane.
  3. Hm, another nice bub would be cool. Want a 2-3 chamber one. :D
  4. Id spend 500 on a bong and 300 on bud to break in that bong.
  5. I definetely like that idea man ^^^^!
  6. bubbles bubbles everywhere... the bubbles cost too much.
  7. poodles instant message me on rock3656 when you got the chance..
  8. Hm, yeah, an extra 300 for weed would be nice. :) Hmmmm. Now some more thinking for me :(

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