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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Poobles, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. I've never owned one. Money is not the issue, have a job with nothing to spend my money on, just a matter of saving money. :)

    So, 2 part question. Where is a reliable place to buy a RooR, I didn't see any on GC and my Local Headshops don't carry them for some reason. Anybody know of a place?

    And any suggestions on what to buy? I know I want an Ice Catcher, Ash Catcher, Diffuser. I just can't decide on what one I'd like to buy. Anybody who's used one that has a little bit of info and wants to share would be cool. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. i see youre in can find a headshop very easy in cali.
  3. Yeah, I'm in the middle though, I'd have to drive a ways just to go to a decent one. And I don't want to drive, search for a headshop, find one and not like the selection they have and either A: Drive back, or b: buy one I'm not fully happy with. This is going to by my bong. Nobody can touch it. I want it to be perfect...
  4. Please imo?:)
  5. You can buy them offline, can't give links tho since its competitors of GC.
  6. You can still pm, though! ;)
  7. GO TO VENICE BEACH. I don't care where in California you are, Venice will give you the best deal and they have every single style and brand of bong you could imagine. Also their custom glass is nothing short of amazing. Go to smokin Heavin and they have an offer where they will return all your cash and let you keep the bong if you find a lower price.

  8. I like RooRs. JOE>
  9. Like surfing rob said, VENICE BEACH. Not only is it a chill place to kick it, but they have the best bongs for the best prices. The people are very cool too, so you can subtract like atleast $50 off the advertised price.
  10. Ilive in Valencia man and if you wanna pick me up Id be down to roll to venice beach with you and show you the ropes Ive been down there a grip of times and afterwards well smoke fatty lemme know if your down it will be worth it.
  11. Hm, I know where Valencia is, I wouldn't mind making a trip there. I know a friend there anyway. This wouldn't be until like late August, since that's when I get back from Europe. If you're serious about showing me that down there, that'd be really awesome. I need to find a place that doesn't rip you off, like the headshops in my town.
  12. Thanks man! I have another question. (Forgive my noobness when it comes to brand names. I usually stick to CCG but recently branched out into these) How's PHX in comparison to RooR? Anybody have a preference? Again, thanks for the help and sorry I'm just asking question over and over, but wanna be super happy with my new piece. :)
  13. :hello: Yay, thanks again! :hello:

  14. Yea man Id for sure be down Pm me a week before your down to go sounds like fun! How old are you?
  15. 19...yeah yeah, I'm young :p
  16. No worries man im 18 well get alomg just fine
  17. Awesome. And you think I'll be able to buy a RooR down there? Although I can't decide between a RooR and a PHX... :confused:
  18. Envision what you want in your head and you'll find it at venice Ive owned both ROORs and PHXS and they both have their positives how much are you planning on throwing down we will get you somn sick?

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