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  1. whats so special about that brand . jw
  2. They make good glass.
  3. Its pronounced "RooR"

    You know what animal RooRs?


    Lions are the king, so RooRs are the king. :cool:
  4. does it just hit cleaner or whatt
  5. I mean, it's just a name brand is all. It's popular and more well known than other brands. That alone is going to make it cost more, regardless of quality compared to other companies.

    But from what I've read they DO make some good pieces. GoG, generally solid (albeit unoriginal) designs, and thick glass are the things that make them a reputable company though. From what I've read though as to whether they're worth it, it's mixed reports.

    There are great name brand bong companies though. Some look a lot nicer than RooR and are a lot cheaper. I see what sets RooR apart from most companies, but I think their price tag is too high to justify, personally. Granted I don't own one, just from what I've read. Right now the best company seems to be Blue Dot.. At least in terms of designs, durability, and price.

    People claim they rip better but I doubt it. I mean, it depends on quality and RooR isn't the only company putting out good quality. I'm sure they rip clean though, but no cleaner than any other well made bong

  6. It's more the measurements of their bongs and small attention to detail that makes them good. For example their joints are positioned so that the downstem reaches all the way to the back of the bong not just the centre this of course makes it so that you need less water to filtre your smoke. Their joints are all reinforced and seemless. Also, they use 45 to 50mm mouth pieces which makes their small bongs hold more smoke than similar sized bongs; most other cheaper bongs use 40mm or smaller mouth pieces. Those details makes their bongs a little more expensive to make as those features require more glass. You can also purchase then with an 18mm downstem which if this is important to you it is usually an extra cost with most other companies. They do have simple designs but that is a german thing and don't let it fool you! They produce a smooth hit by using incredible air flow (mostly accomplished by their bowl which has an enormous hole in it with a small glass nail that is the best screen i have ever used it makes an ash catcher almost pointless without restricting air flow),the larger mouth piece, ice notches that are as low on the tube as possible and the fact that its 18mm downstem. This is why they don't use percs as it would reduce the amount of smoke the bongs would hold and restrict air flow. Just a difference in design but not inferior. The pros to this is a bong that's easier to clean and a larger more flavourful hit. Even the fact that they use an undifused downstem in their bongs is a positive if you use it with an ashcatcher with a diffused downstem. You would have the superior filtration but when you clear your bong you'd have maximum airflow. To me, a bong would only be cheaper if it had all these features and was made of highest quality glass.
  7. Roor glass is ok, they're priced high for the glass IMO.

    If I'm paying high prices I rather get a mobius.
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    Here in Canada at least roor is less expensive than most highend glass. I doubt you can get any mobius pieces for 200 cad (145 USD) at least not here you can't. Even their 5mm line is similarly priced to other high end brands available here. Some local blowers make cheaper high quality pieces but not with the measurements that a roor tube or beaker would have.

    Also doesn't mobius make mostly oil rigs? It's hard to compare a small intricate piece to a large thick simple piece. Yes a small intricate piece might take longer to make but its usually thinner glass and a small piece. Expensive roors are expensive because they use 50mm tubes that are 5mm thick and are usually a foot and a half tall. I honestly don't see other highend companies put out bongs with the same specifications and be cheaper.
  9. Mobius makes flower pieces too, just harder to find.

    I've hit many many roors in my lifetime, they don't compare to mobius or other similar priced glass in my opinion.

    But it really doesn't matter, glass is glass. I've hit $40 bongs that hit well, it might of accisently had the right proportions and flow.

    If you want to spend money for nice glass, I'd look past roor, but that's just me.

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