roor with a perc

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  1. wat the fuck is that??
  2. anyone know?

  3. A bong by the brand Roor with a percolator in it?
  4. A roor with a percolator in it? Cmon theres no easier way to say it.
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    Waste of like 200-300 bucks easy just cuz it has the RooR logo on it lol
  6. just search the database instead of clogging it up with useless threads ok

    chances are someone along the way has asked the question

    already and there was no need to even make this thread.
  7. What the hell is the question anyway? Doesn't make any sense...

  8. yea but wats a percolator

  9. If you just searched google you would have had an answer long before anyone replied to this pointless thread.
  10. awesome.agreed
  11. this is a roor perc
  12. ^^^
    very nice bro

  13. Not trying to hate here, But if you think a RooR is a waste of money, You obviously don't appreciate quality glass.

    Because yes, you pay for the name, But you also pay for the quality of the glass, and the smoothness of the hits.

    Find someone who has a RooR, Hit it, And then come back. You'll understand why people spend that much money on them.
  14. especially once you hit double perc roor. its so smoothe its like sex in your mouth lmao
    i dont even wanna hit un percd bongs because my roor hits so smoothly
  15. It takes just as much effort to explain to the OP what a percolated roor is then tell him what a dumb thread he made. I swear, people are getting less helpful every day...
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    I think the OP is wondering if he can put percocets in his ROOR ice catcher so he can catch an opiate buzz from vaporizing the pills. And the answer is yes.
  17. you're a dumb ass...

  18. Lol. This whole thread is full of fail.
  19. fucking finally
  20. people don't understand that GonG pieces are artwork. And have no appreciation for a smooth hit.

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