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    Hey GC! take a gander at my newest piece. Its an 18" Roor White Label Straight tube. Its got an 18.8 joint, and 5mm glass all around. I absolutely love this tube. It very solid and feels incredible in your hands. I got lucky and was able to cop this with a diffused downstem so that was an extra score. The best part I really like is how the sig just happens to form an "N" at the end which is great because N is one of my initials, and theres literally no drag at all. enjoi


    Morning Kief milk
    [ame=]YouTube - Morning bake w/ White Label Roor[/ame]
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  2. nice bong, but i definitely skipped to 2:05 in the vid
  3. Nice dude. One of the nicer .us tubes I'' seen recently.
  4. haha thanks guys yea I guess you guys just have to wait for me to pack my bowl before you get to see milk lol
  5. Thats a classy looking RooR there, +rep for it. Like that sig too. You milked that shit clean!
  6. It's beautiful.
  7. absolutely gorgeous <3
  8. thanks everyone if I get anymore smoke tonight I might try to take some more milk shots well just have to see ...
  9. decent milk showing the stock diffys diffusion. not bad IMO

    [ame=]YouTube - Quick Roor Milk[/ame]
  10. I really like the signature.

    How much did it all cost?
  11. I normally am not a fan of RooRs but thats a REALLY clean tube.

    Enjoy that.
  12. Really nice looking tube man, so clean. Great milk btw, you cleared that shit fast!
  13. Woww that is a wicked tube. The white label with a blue kclip looks soooo sexy. Nice pickup!
  14. yeah thats a really like that roor, really not a roor guy but that one stands out. i was trying to figure out whats stacked up behind you?:p textbooks, t-shirt boxes or pizza boxes:confused:
    EDIT: hey looks, you have two green bars now!
  15. hey thanks alot for the reps guys I appreciate it. Im really lovin this tube and will be enjoying it for many many years to come. Im gonna start adding alot of stuff to it soon like more heady slides and such, maybe an inline a/c?
  16. thats a sick sig
  17. How much was it man? I just picked up a black label beaker a month ago, props thou yours looks awsome!

    the sig is dope :smoking:

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