RooR w/ Inline A/c Milkage

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  1. Enjoi:smoking:

    [ame=]YouTube - RooR w/ Inline A/c Milkage[/ame]
  2. yeaah boi! thats rippin it ~
  3. Nice!

    Looks beautiful.
  4. Unreal man how much did that setup cost?
  5. fuck yea....dope shit
  6. hahahaha bet u 1 second after he stopped taping he coughed his lungs out

    that was a milker if i've ever seen one haha, sick bong too

  7. haha actually na man im used to it. Thats a glimpse of my smoking life:bongin:
  8. hahaha i guess its from conditioning?? hahaha.

    I smoke mostly blunts and bowls, but i've got an orange label 18' roor and a roor with a tree perc about the same height. Dont use em that much though, so when i rip it like that my lungs are DEAD lol

  9. yea I feel ya man it just takes practice and my Roor is my DD. You gotta break in those lungs man lol:wave:
  10. hahaha i used to be able to rip that shit, until i broke my A/C then i just stopped using it. Gonna have to get a new one soon!

    theres some pics of my attempt at a milk shot on the thread in my sig, but it was hard to time with my mac photobooth lol,

  11. ahh that sucks man! you def gotta get a replacement I love my inline dont know how I could rip my tube without it haha

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