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Roor Vs. Locally blown

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nerdboytoker, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. now, I'm not one to knock a bong (especially one i haven't hit) and that's not what I'm doing here.
    I've just seen a lot of replies to people's posts about buying a bong saying "Get a roor!" or people posting their excitement about their new roor

    I'm all for good quality bongs. but more importantly, I'm all about supporting local economy and local lovers of the herb.

    when I go looking for a bong the last thing I think to look for is a brand name.
    I also come from a town where you're going to find a million locally blown pieces before the hint of a name brand piece shows up.
    I've seen some GREAT quality come from local blowers that are also beautiful pieces of art

    I've never actually hit a Roor (would love to though so I could personally see if they're all people say they are) but I've seen a lot of pictures of them and i must say, they're pretty, but aesthetically boring. I see bongs as glass art you smoke out of

    therefore I prefer vibrant colors and cool designs on my bongs. so I say, forget the brand, go for beauty.

    like I said, not hating, just giving my two cents.
    would love to see what you dudes and ladies have to say on the subject.
  2. i agree, those trip percd roors may hit like a dream but i also like the ones in which creativity and craftsamnship are also part of what im smoking
  3. Then you haven't seen the worked RooRs. I used to buy RooR products until I got my vaporizer, that an getting tired of police breaking them. The products are made in southern california and sold at Dementia, the local smokeshops. So if I buy RooR I am supporting the local economy.

  4. Aye, same here.

    I had never even heard of ROOR or any other brand name tubes until I started using these forums. Didn't even know they existed. You don't see or hear about them at all around here, it's all about the local stuff. :smoking:
  5. I agree man. when i get new bongs, i treat it how i do when i buy new shirts (well...i buy white shirts and write stuff on em haha). I get what looks the most amazing. If I found 2 bongs layin in the street I would take a vibrent colored avarage bong that i thought was beautiful before i would take a clear intense looking roor. i hope that made sence haha....
  6. nah fuck that when it comes to quality get what you pay for.
  7. where I'm from you can't get away with shitty quality glass; no one buys it. so I guess I'm a bit spoiled... we get sturdy nice looking pieces. and more often you're paying for the quality of the craftsmanship and how much work went into the piece.

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