Roor vaporizer.

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  1. Has anyone else seen the roor vaporizer?

    [ame=]‪ROOR Vaporizer‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    LOL @ $600-800 herborizer.
    Just thought I should let people know so they can see first hand just how much roor marks up just for the name. That is actually a collab with Herborizer, it really is the same thing (though I believe its set 5 degrees higher on the basic model). So you're getting a roor bubbler, and a roor logo, for the great price of $400...:rolleyes:
  2. what a ridiculous commercial. all it did was show the general shape of it. wtf
  3. real expensive shiznitt..

    anyone else thinking family guy episodes? (starwars)
  4. I'll stick to my eJoint.
  5. Who would put such epic background music to such a terrible video. That shit better have been blown by the pope himself.
  6. ROOR's beginning to look like a joke, there for sure the most counterfeited as well, for the money you can get a much higher quality piece at a lower price.
  7. ii agree with Mass Glass...i have a Roor and i love it but damn they need to come out with some high end glass with better function like a Roor stemline or Roor Martin do something new that isn't boring and overpriced.
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  8. I'm not a fan of that thing but ALL high quality glass blowers copy Roor's innovations of glass on glass, use of borosilicate, diffusors to this day. They are so old and boring, everyone copies and uses his ideas 20yrs later?lol High end knock-offs that can't come up with there own innovations so they steal someone elses intellectual design.

  9. Thats some really backwards logic. Its true, his designs are copied years later, in that a similar type of glass is used, and the tubes are all the original roor design. The rest of what makes other companies great are where they differ from the standard roor design.

    Your method of thinking applied elsewhere would mean things like rap and rock are ripping someone off because they came from jazz, which is ripping off tribal african music and classical, which rips off baroque, which rips of several other types, so really, why don't we all go back to monophonic gregorian chant, because its original.
    Basically, just because Roor started a new way of making tubes doesn't mean that every tube made in a remotely similar way is stealing his design, its improving on his design, using it as a base...the same way nearly all technological improvements happen. Its one thing to steal a perk design, but something as broad as glass type, or an entire glass on glass design, is a bit much to claim as belonging to only one person.
    I agree they are owed respect for the contribution made awhile ago, but saying everyone else is stealing is a bit much.

    And I agree Mass Glass. The markups are getting to be ridiculous.

  10. i understand what you are saying and agree to some extent...i just think since Roor needs to be more innovative and give us glass head what we want...we like worked glass here and there...we like showerheads and stemlines...why not have some variation in the line other than Beakers and Straights...and from German Roor you don't see any percs at all and some of us like Percs in our tubes.

    Again i own a Roor and use it every week but i also just spent a chunk on some new technology type shit like Sg and 2011BC...i just like the new innovative stuff not just a straight tubes all the time you know
  11. I wanna get a tommy chong autographed bong. Ha the ones before he got shut down
  12. A similiar type of glass? he started using Schott borosilicate, now anybody whos anybody uses Schott borosilicate glass. they copied it.

    He also incorporated use of glass on glass, more R&D nobody paid for, just copied..etc

    your use of music is whats backwards. A specific type of music in itself is NOT a tangible, tradable good. A far better comparison using music would be a song. you don't see people copying the same words, but putting a different tune to it. Just because you put some contraption inside the piece doesnt change you copied the other stuff, and that is copying someone elses intellectual property.
    Nobody improved on his designs, glass on glass is the same as the day he incorporated it to bong making. Borosilicate is no different than when he first used it. You see improvement on a design, even though its no different than it was before? No 1 person came up with Jazz, but try putting a different tune to Louie Armstrongs what a wonderful world and call it your own, or add your own little "contraption" to his song, see if it changes whos song it is and who owns the rights to it...

  13. Definitely understand where you're coming from. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, imho, he doesnt change it because thats what works. Simple IS functional to me. You don't fix whats not broken. Innovation is hardly what i call todays glass artists, i mean there is some no doubt but, they change waffles, percs, trees, 21-18-6-4 more than i change my underwear. Thats trial and error and guess who the guinea pig is gonna be?
  14. i hear ya all makes sense and your just like to see one of my favorite glass companies do something a little different now that its 2011 soon to be 2012

  15. What kind of computer are you typing on? Better be an IBM from the 80's.

    ahh deerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppp
  16. Whoever buys that is an idiot. You could get the same idea but nicer for around $400

  17. its sad when people hear the starwars music they think of fucking family guy:devious:

  18. You don't think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs got paid for their innovations and contributions to the computer world? Its why they are billionaires off there intellectual designs and Martin not so much, even though he could be. Main reason his stuff was not copywrite protected was because if he would have done that, he would have been in the crosshairs of the US gov't just like Tommy Chong was for making to much money off it. Having worldwide patents on efficient and superior bong making materials and procedures would land you in a US federal jail, even if you're in Germany...

    If he would have patented his design, nobody else would be allowed to use gong connections, borosilicate glass, or any type diffusor not incorporated inside the piece. All of that would have been his intellectual design property and off limits to SG, Toro, all of them unless they paid him to use that design....
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  19. But he didn't.


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