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Roor tech, is this a disk perk?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by mechanix901, Aug 28, 2011.

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    I am thinking about purchasing this since i broke my EHLE diffuser and ash catcher, plus my bubbler all this summer.....

    So I probably going to just buy this unless you lovely people recommend otherwise.


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  2. looks so sick. i love my beaker bottom roor im sure that would be even sicker

  3. Whats the price on it and what is your budget? I would generally recommend looking at other brands unless you just love roor. There is a big markup just because its roor, and there are usually better functioning pieces at the same price level, unless you find a great deal on it.

    Also no, thats a dome perk. A disk perk is a flat disk with holes in it, and doesn't hold water on its own....like this:
    the second post on that page shows one, and there is a video of one in action on the last page.
  4. Mada, every time I find something I could answer, you've already beat me to it.


    What he said is right though: not a disk perc and you should look for other brands which will provide more for your money than roor--roor is great, but severely overrated and very much a facet of the past, performance wise.

    As for recommendations, I'll just throw out the standards: Sovereignty, BC 2011, Stone Glass Works, EFS, DWB. There are a ton of options among those blowers, and a decent range of prices as well. EFS and DWB can make you a very good tube for a relatively small amount, or you could let your imagination run for a bit more..

    So, keep looking for more blowers. Roor is mostly name.
  5. They call this a barrel perc. It's not really a dome perc, more of a dome/tree hybrid. Imagine a tree perc where instead of separate small trees, you had one big tree that folded over the upstem and went all the way around.

    People love to slam roor, but the truth is they make really solid tubes. I highly doubt you'll be disappointed if you snag one of these barrel perc straight tubes.

    Everyone has their preference. Find the one that YOU like and get it.
  6. I dont mean to say they are bad tubes, brad is right, they are good quality, I just find them to be overpriced for what they are...thats why I said if you love roor then go for it.

    I don't see any difference between that and a dome really except that the slits are on the bottom, what am i missing? It looks to be a nice dome though, a decent number of slits on it.
  7. A dome is an upstem with a dome over it, and some holes or slits in the bottom of the dome where the smoke comes out.

    The barrel is hard to explain unless you can see a clear picture of it. The easiest way I can describe it is like a tree perc, but imagine that all of the trees are conjoined into one tree wrapping around the center stem. Look closely how the upstem kinda folds back over itself and you'll see the difference.
  8. Bingo

  9. I see what you're talking about. It is basically a dome perc, just a non-china and a quality made one instead. I would imagine that it hits better than the shittier ones as well.

    On Topic: Like the above posters said, roor makes good glass, but you could definitely get a better bang for your buck going with another blower.
  10. i always described the "barrel" perc as a dome perc.

    But its modified to have less volume within the dome.

    its designed to decrease drag.

    You see the some constructions concept in the "zero drag" perc from mobius.

  11. Not really its just a barrel perc its their own style. with your logic a showerhead is just a dome perc.

  12. Exactly.
  13. Mada always giving great advice, I would listen to him haha
  14. well the bong is $355, is that too much for a roor? I see many more boring and plain roors for much more money.
  15. The whole point of a tree perc is the even distribution/diffusion that you can attain from separating the smoke with multiple arms. Saying that it's a "tree perk" with just one big conjoined arm completely contradicts the main concept of a tree perc.

    And yes, a second chamber showerhead uses an upstem but it's not a "dome perc" because someone took the time to shape, slit and grid the showerhead used opposed to just putting six non flame polished slits and calling it a day.

    The barrel is a new style dome perc; I'm sure it hits fine but for the price there are better options.
  16. 355 isn't bad for a ROOR tech, its an average online price. It would probably be closer to 300 local, but thats the price you pay for buying online sadly. (usually you just have to deal with it)
    However, have you looked at other brands in that range. Notable mentions are EFS, Sovereignty, de-fi, leisure, vertigo, mobius, DWB, GMD/GWO. Also SYN, MGW, and HVY make decent tubes in that range, but I wouldn't say they are quite the same level as those others. Those tubes will offer better diffusion and most likely less drag than the ROOR tech, but, if you really love ROOR you wont be disappointed with it. Many people are finding that they don't like their roor as much as other, newer brands that have newer technology going into the tubes...RooR seems to be more of a collectors item now because you pay a premium for the name, rather than having all (or at least most) of that money put into either looks or performance with other brands.
  17. can you pm me other places to purchase online?...My local headshop just has overpriced fake bullshit.
  18. Roor has been making tubes 3 times as long as ANY of those companies listed and invented processes ALL those other companies still incorporate his intellectual designs today. Gong, use of borosilicate, and diffusors. They use his designs because its cheaper to use someone elses than have to figure out something equally inventive. So of course the prices are higher, the other brands just copied the designs, cheap when you do it that way, lol.

    No different in any trade, take your pic, home construction, electrical, plumbing, car building, washer/dryer/tv repair, the guy who has been doing it for 30yrs, is gonna do it better than the guy doing it for 10 and your gonna pay alittle more for that craftsmanship. Its that simple.
  19. My Roor Beaker is one of my favorite tubes but it has been just collecting dust on a shelf ever since my Sg Stemline and my 2011bc double showerhead bubbler came in.

    I suggest a Stemline or some sort of tube with a Showerhead...you will be glad you went with in my opinion the most innovative and best diffusing percs.

    2011Bc Netline single chamber can be had for around 330 which is what i would get if i was buying a new tube...either that or another Sg.


  20. Err....no. Thats like saying Ford's cars are better than a bugatti because ford is older. Just because you've been in the game longer doesn't mean you make better products. People who have built on the existing technology are often better quality, in nearly every market. There are plenty of exceptions, like certain musical instruments, for example, but There is nothing about a roor that makes it beter than brands like sovereignty and 2011bc. They both have great construction, use high quality materials, and do so consistently. The main difference is those other companies have continued to evolve, where roor has stayed the same for 30 years or so. Its not a bad thing, but the way their price has increased is because of the fame they got years ago, not because of the quality of the tubes. If you want to pay for that then cool, but I feel RooR should be seen as a collectors item, and buyers should understand that they are paying for that, not for function.

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