ROOR, some weed, milk video

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  1. What I was smoking on today


    And bong of choice:

    waiting for the video to upload to photobucket...
  2. thats sick dude, nice buds and i love that A/C and very cool roor
  3. [ame=][​IMG][/ame]
  4. new shipment in this morning, here's what's left of it:


    my profits from it:


    and what i smoked celebrating myself going to all of my classes so far


  5. damn dude. niice. :smoke:
  6. thanks. feelin pretty pretty stoned, thinkin of another green push bowl or maybe a bubbler...waiting for new reefer to come in
  7. Im diggin the bowl piece man
  8. Damn dude how do you have so much weed?

    I pay $20 and if I'm lucky my dealer gives me 1.4g

    haha I need to start growing.
  9. I love the ROOR man, big ass fan here. I have 2 ROORS in my collection, best bong in the world hands down. Nice herbage as well, looks like your smoking good.

    +rep for a dope piece
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    ^^^some people have a thing called a job

  11. Its cheaper if you buy in bulk :D:smoking:
  12. I work for a biotech company.. I won't get into my position.

    but a job and money is the lease of my concerns, just didn't know people buy 500 to 1k worth at a given time..

    doesn't it go bad after a while? even if you keep it locked up in the dark..

  13. How much do you usually spend.. if you don't mind me asking. I might start doing the same.. My only concern is it going bad. I smoke about 1g a week.
  14. Dank buds bro. I like your bong and a/c good milk to!
  15. you would film it upside down you high bastard hahaha:smoking:

    That is some dank ass bud man +rep
  16. +rep on everything man! nice bong, buds, and milk!:smoking:

  17. i would stick to grams... maybe eigths (3.5g) should prilly be around 55-60 for heads
  18. haha yeah i was stoneddd and tried to think of a way to keep my face out of the video.

    and i sorta have to have a lot of drugs on hand because of my "job," even though it's just a hobby to me.

    thanks everyone, trying to upload a better milk video but youtube and photobucket keep giving me an error. i'm pretty sure it's the shitty internet at my apartment.
  19. yep i'm hooked on roor's also. but now i want something perc'd and i don't like roor's percs
  20. [ame=][​IMG][/ame]

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