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RooR sizing issue

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by kona311, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I am new to the forum and was wondering if anyone knew about the fitting sizes for RooRs.

    I bought a RooR from a friend of a friend a few months back. Recently I decided to upgrade to a diffusor and get a new bowl from grasscity. I ordered these parts in size 18.8, which turned out to be too small. So, I returned the items and exchanged them for 29,2. I just received the size 29.2 parts and again, they don't fit, too big this time.

    Long story short: 18.8 sizing is too small, 29.2 is too big.

    Do they make any sizes between 18.8 and 29.2? I appreciate any info you guys have to offer. Thanks!
  2. Are you sure you ordered an 18-18 and not a 14-18? I don't know of a joint inbetween 18 and 29. Especially on a stock Roor.

    Your friend might have sold you a fake Roor...
  3. You sure that EDIT didn't just accidentally send you a 14.5 diffy first time.
  4. Measure the hole by mm's and see what it is exactly.
  5. It's about 25 mm
  6. And I definitely ordered and received 18-18 the first time and 29-29 the second time.

    I don't think my RooR is fake, I looked up the tell-tale signs of a fake and mine does not have any of the characteristics.
  7. Do You Have A 18.8 Bowl See If It Fits In The Joint If It Fits Its A 18.8 same with the 14, the bowl sizes are the same as the Downstem size,s
  8. The bong came with a roor downstem and a bowl. BOTH the downstem and the bowl fit into the joint on the bong perfectly.

    None of the diffusors or bowls I ordered (18.8 and 29.2) fit into the joint on the bong.
  9. how bout you get a picture and put something like aq cd or lighter beside it so we can atleast see waht your problem is. im almost willing to be you ordered 14mm the first time then got a 29.2
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    I cant get the images to upload. The size of the joint on the bong is almos the exact same size as the bottom of a fulsize bic lighter. The lighter just a little too big to fit inside.
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    Then you have a 18.8 :hello: I think 420biker is right either you or they made a mistake

  12. Then it's 18mm.
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    The joint is 100% not 18.8. I took my bowl, which fits into the joint on my bong perfectly, to a few headshops to compare sizes. All of the bongs with 18.8 size fitting were too small. None of the shops had anything that was bigger than 18.8 so I couldn't test whether the 29.2 was right or not. After getting the shipment today I now know 29.2 is too big. The mystery size I have is closer in size to the 29 than it is to 18.

    I measured the lip of the joint on my bong and it is right at about 25mm.

  14. Sounds like you have some sort of magic size that doesn't exist then.
  15. There is no other sizes in between 18.8 and 29mm for Roor, so you/they either mis-sized, or its a fake. Those are your options...

    Post a pic please...
  16. Take a dime and put it into the joint of the bong flat, does it fall through? get stuck in it? or not fit at all?
  17. A dime easily falls through the joint. A quarter fits almost perfect.
  18. I uploaded a few photos to picasa then clicked the yellow square purple mountain button to add the url. Nothing showed up when I posted it. Is there a picture tutorial on here?
  19. I hate to say it but it sounds like you might have a fake RooR then. If your 100% positive its not a 29.2 and a dime falls through meaning its bigger then 18.8 then i think its a fake using an uncommon joint type.
  20. Use TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting - I hope this aint a scam :devious:

    Or You have a fake roor that came from China LOL

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