RooR Scratch Test?

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  1. Ok so I was looking online, and wondering if the RooR scratch test was a good method in determining whether its fake or not because I think I am getting one for $200 this weekend...

    [ame=]YouTube - How to tell a real ROOR from a fake ROOR Pt. 1[/ame]
  2. ya but chances are whoevers fake roor label u just scratched off is gonna b very pissed
  3. Yea the guy im buying it from says he bought it directly from so if its not real I'll be the one whos pissed haha
  4. dood if u can just get him to send u better pics of the joint ice pinces and sig
    we should be able to help u out
  5. roors are lame now, stop buying them......old ones are cool, but roor no longer has the shine it used to

  6. What do you guys mean? :confused: In what ways?
  7. A bong is a bong IMO, Roor used to mean it was amazing quality ( and they still are), but there are so many other good brands out there now and alot of them are cheaper. Its a personal preference like most of the stuff on this site and shouldnt be debated. I like roors, and they look good on the table but so dose my HVY and my Toro
  8. what he said

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