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RooR: Real or Fake?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by izzyiderp, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. I purchased a RooR bong from a local shop in Hollywood, I forgot the name but there was this bong that was being sold for $135 but it was on sale for 50% off, which had me puzzled the second time I went because they had another RooR priced at about $300 but the second one looked kind of custom but didn't have the beaker at the bottom either. I'm just hoping they didn't sell me a knock-off ya know? "The Green Lantern" sticker I added myself (which I ended up naming this beautiful piece), and the Bowl because the bowl it came with broke off in a horrid accident. It didn't come inside of a box, or with a glass screen. Thanks y'all.

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  2. fakesauce
  3. Glad you didn't buy the $300 one they had..... You still got a decent piece for the price, that's a lot of glass for $135.
  4. Looks fake, but it's not cheap china glass.

    You got a solid bong for 135. Glass looks super thick. Who cares about name
  5. The glass looked really thick and glossy when I first got it. I didn't really know how to tell fake ones from real ones and it seemed legit, oh well. That's a huge fucking disappointment, but it was my fault for not researching anything ahead of time.
  6. ^ Don't worry man just throw a diffused downstem in like a SG 180 gridded or alex k showerhead or w/e else you'd like and it will smoke the same as a roor :laughing: just won't be as tough.
  7. Actually is legit :)) took it down to a glass shop, they examined it and everything. The hits were too smooth to be a lie.
  8. you got ripped off still. I bought the same one 2 weeks ago for $45. The shops literally pay like $100 for a huge box of pipes and bongs so you just have to haggle. The Indian owned shops seem to be more willing to negotiate because they arent as greedy as americans, as long as they make something they are happy.
  9. What's the name of the shop in Hollywood that you purchased it from? RooR lists their authorized retailers for their products on their website....

    Your piece is nice, and good for the price....but it's not authentic. Sorry

    Regardless, enjoy it. Like I (and others) said, you got a good deal...it's a nice piece for the price you paid.
  10. Went to a couple different headshops to verify. It is indeed fake. Next time I get a piece with a RooR label I will make sure to verify everything before purchasing. Thanks everyone!
  11. Roor sucks, I'd bet my third leg that your fake roor is better than a real one.

    Sorta looks like my illi

    Bowl and slider are aftermarket though, broke my original ones. Fuck cats

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  12. That's your opinion:) pretty sick piece though!, I just prefer RooRs because of how they hit. They're really good, hit super smooth, and the glass is sturdy. Not only that, but I had some memories during my high school years. I'd call it nostalgia, but hey! I just wants a legit piece.
  13. There is not ONE special thing about how a RooR hits lol

    RooR sells the name not the functionality lol

    But ya could be RooR.us.. Idk once there became THREE legit RooR companies the line between real and fake blurred badly

    I personally wouldn't buy a RooR from ANYONE besides DIRECTLY from RooR in Germany.
  14. The hits are more smooth than others, in my opinion at least.

  15. You don't even own a real RooR lol

    So "your opinion" doesn't technically exist :smoke:

    Douchebagness aside..

    Get something you'll have more fun with man not a straight tube lol

    You can get a scientific bubbler for the same as a decent RooR and it'll function better in every possible way lol

    You buy RooR to own a "RooR" not cause they hit nice :p

  16. The ignorance is strong in this one.
  17. Doesn't change the fact that I've smoked out of a real one, but, you can go on and on as you please:) there's a big difference, not only in how smooth the hits are, but the actual glass that's used. I'm good with this piece until I can stash up the money for a better one. Thanks for the feedback though.
  18. That's moronic just because it's nice boro doesn't make it smoother. What makes the difference is alot of roors have pierced hole downstems instem of slit or single hole. a single hole downstem'd roor of the same dimensions as another tube would hit the same.

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