RooR Rasta inline

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    New RooR Rasta with Inline and RooR bowl


    edit** I apologize for not uploading the pics properly, it only allowed 3 so I uploaded them to photobucket.
  2. hello? i though you people liked heady glass> guess i was wrong:confused:
  3. No offense dude but your setup isnt fucking amazing
    It's nice dude, props, but don't think people are gonna wanna blow you because you got a roor with an inline a/c
  4. pretty nice. what kind of inline is that?
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    I don't recall seeing him asking anyone to blow him. Stop being a prick and keep your jealousy to yourself.

    Nice setup man, dont worry about that pussy

    Name-calling/disrespect is not welcome here. -JD
  6. not bad. I like the inlines but i haven't hit one yet they look neat enough though.
    I have the roor rasta 250 coming in the mail.
  7. its ighttt 7/10 :)
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    If you call that setup HEADY then you have a long way to go, bud.
    Ok, Roor rasta beaker, i bet i can find that nywhere, oh, and a plain ass inline ac. thats so heady, right? WRONG.
    I like your setup, dont get me wrong roor is a very respectable brand, but they are NOT considered heady glass. I have a VERY similar setup, straight rasta zumo and a plain KC inline.
    And if you got that just to show off here so people can say 'omg you have a roor, i love you' then in the words of Joe rogan, 'Your....fuckin dumb'.
    Have a nice day:wave:

    Name-calling/disrespect is not welcome here. -JD
  9. Everyone needs to stop bashing the man... He's probably stoked on having picked up some high end glass and just used the term "heady"...

    Nice RooR man, very fond of them myself :rolleyes:
  10. Should have a picture of the intire thing. Not just 3 pics of showing close ups of stuff we cant really see.

    looks good. Where do you get the inlines and all the glass attachements. the stores around here dont sell that stuff.
  11. If you can't be respectful with your posts, then keep it to yourself, people. :rolleyes:
  12. ^ Truth!

    Nice pickup man, that inline looks pretty dope. Milkshots?

  13. shit, people are really lighting his ass up.

    My Bit:

    I've always had a special place in my glass love affair for RooR's, so congrats on a nice peice of glass. some ppl on here frown upon a set-up unless its super fucking custom $1000 + setup with cool designs and shit, but what it comes down to imo, it how to hit feels when it graces your lungs with its presence, so peace bro, and keep toking.
  14. I agree function over style, Roor does it best.
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    Sorry it only let me upload 3 pics i think its too much memory. i have a vid of solar milk of the first hit how do i upload?

    Thanks for the props. yesturday I visited the same local shop where i purchased my very first pipe day i turned 18(3 yrs ago) lol. they had only 3 inlines but i wanted to try one for the first time and the price was right on the a/c and tube so im super happy.rips so amazing first rips on a roor were marvelous lol. thanks

  16. Thanks man. I have seen so many vids of Roors and had never hit one before; and not hit an inline yet either.The price was right and man I couldnt believe the Roor tokes.Im an instant fan now and my homies agree haha.Thanks bro!
  17. nice setup, you got there
  18. I like the setup. Clean and sophisticated. I want an inline a/c.
  19. brought tears to my eyes i tell you what. its a nice piece my friend
  20. wow everyone talkin shit, just becuz he posted a pic of his new bong. you are probly all just jealous cuz your still hittin the aluminum pipe

    and thats a nice setup dude, ive always loved those rasta roors, and the inline is a nice touch. happy burnin bud :)

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