RooR question

Discussion in 'General' started by LAYukon, May 20, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone whatup

    I am lookin for a new bong and wnated to buy a RooR I wanted the green labeled ice cathcer Lil-Sista icemaster cup.

    Here is the thing, I usually buy my shit from venice from this one store and i know from the past they they wanted a couple hundred for this specific piece.

    I have a friend who bought the same one in Fullerton for 195 with a deffuser.

    does this sound legit? I am not sure and torn on what to do, any help is appreciated......

    It looked like this and had a dark green label on it.

    it also had the water level mark on it

    it looked real to me, but the prices sound off

  2. well it sounds like the one ur buddy picked up in venice is a RooR USA. which is different from RooR Germany (pictured above) RooR USA tends to run cheaper than Germany but USA lacks the quality that is unmatched to the RooR Germany. trust me lol roor germany is the shit

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