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  1. Hey guys, first thread i made so any input would be much appreciated. Anyways, I was thinking in investing in a really nice glass piece. I was looking into Roors (I know there are other brands but I am adamant about my decision after toking from my friends) and was wondering about the percs. I know that only makes the percs, but are the german counterparts just as good if they don't have them? I hear everyone rave about how>, but if uses percs, does that make them better?
    Also, if I were to get a, would an a/c percolated be a good investment? it seems that it would be a cheaper replacement if it broke, but im not sure about performance.
  2. its expensive glass.

    think about it.

    buy of GC.

    my bong is amazing draws like a pencil cools it to death.

    and gets me fucked.

  3. ok, but do you have any info on the percs? thats my main question, but thanks for your input
  4. Just because they have perc's does not make them better. The reason people say is better is because of quality control. IMO I would want a Roor without percs. If you were going to get a Roor.De I would say the best set up would be a beaker with a Alex K showerhead diffuser.

  5. thanks, also has anyone had experience with perc'd a/c's? I saw one this one time and it had like 4 tree arms inside. I thought it was pretty cool, but does anyone know if they work as well as perc's inside the bong?

  6. Imo, no. Percs offer superior filtration, no doubt about that. If thats the main thing you are looking for in a piece, then definitely a perc is for you. I like alittle less filtration, like just a straight tube and a/c, or beaker w/ a diffusor is sufficient for me. Keeps plenty of taste and very easy to care for. Deinitely different strokes for different folks though, and that has to be appreciated when considering any glass art.
  7. So no perc's is sometimes better than perc'd pieces? I am still curious cuz ive been toking out of this collapsible piece that hits really hot and it has ice pinches. I was looking for something with a smoother hit, but less drag
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    stick with glass at least for the bowl and downstem.
    keep it under 18inches in tube length is a good rule of thumb passed around teh forums a lot lately.

    umm, tryin to think what else...
    .de = superior quality control
    .us = perc'd tubes and the feel of a roor.
    i own a .us and it definately has a roor vibe. i love it!
    there are SO many ways to go about this.
    now, ashcatchers(sometimes called precoolers)
    id stray away from tinted glass (blue tinted/green tinted/amber tinted)
    sourced from china, not the strongest material used.
    if u look at tree perc'd a/c's look for arms that have the ends sliced off(open ended)

    also, in terms of arm efficiency,
    say you own a 4 arm tree ashcatcher
    smoke is essentially hitting water 4 times(4x)
    and then a 5th time (x) in the tube.
    that equals

    now if i have a tube with a downstem and a 4 arm perc
    thats still smoke hitting the water in the stem (x)
    and then 4 more times in the perc(4x)

    either way,m your getting the same amount of diffusion.

    bottom line, diffusion = cooling
    and keep in mind diffusion is not equal to drag

    you could have a shit ton of drag from having certain perc's
    but that doesnt mean that you are getting better cooling.

    check out some Sovereignty Glass Stemline tubes on youtube.
    or Stoneglassworks (sgw) Waffle tubes
    or Toro Circulator (Circ) tubes
    or Hops Peashooter
  9. thanks for the detailed response. In all honesty, I am just looking for a really smooth hitting piece with least amount of drag. I understand now that diffusion is not drag, but I am still unsure about tree arm percs compared to straight tubes
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    Ive hit a perc'd us tube and it had a bit of drag compared to the strait us tube I own, I didn't like it...strait with the alex k hits way better.
    thats my professional opinion;) should know I do know german roor quality as I did own a strait german roor but it was the blue series and I gave it to my nephew,
  11. I think that if your havin a hard time between deciding just to get percs or not you should go with a (if you can find a real one XD). Go with the better tube that you can upgrade as you go. If you decide that you want something to add to your tube you can always just get a sweet ass ashcatcher or something along those lines. Regardless what your decision is your gunna get a sweet ass tube that rips hard as balls. Make sure to review it after your purchase :D

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