Roor = poop -=7 available for teh GC Roor Worshippers=-

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  1. The great glass merchants provide us w/these 7 scientific apparatuses
    14" 5mm 18.8 $230/275
    14" 7mm $360
    18" 7mm $400
    (i still think this was a funny post
  2. I've been trying to figure out why the orange, yellow, and Rasta labels are worth $45 more than the white.
  3. only 90 views?
  4. racism?
  5. They're not the same sizes.
  6. alt is overpriced, they prob go thru a middle man as well, so thats like a double markup. stop bashing roor. i doubt roor is an authorized dealer
  7. Ah, I didn't catch that.
  8. I agree it's not necessarily RooR's fault they're sold so pricey, but really if that was a concern to them they would have fixed it years ago. RooR banks in too.

    ALT is priced pretty equal to EDIT and others selling authentic RooR. Ex. $30 US more on EDIT get's you 3" taller beaker than the $400 one on ATL. Nobody should charge more for different colored labels.

    I like RooR, but there's just a lot of better options for the money in most cases. $400 RooR beaker with non diffusing downstem and standard slide VS. $380 Toro 7 Arm fixed stem with ice pinch slide.

    I think my RooR carbon filter was worth it at $30, heady ones are around $60 and cheaper ones aren't worth buying usually.

    I like RooR bongs but I won't spend that money on them, and I like to spend money.

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