RooR or a stemless disc diffused piece?

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  1. I was going to get a 3.2mm 45cm 18.8 Roor for about 250 (diffuser, desired bowl piece, and overseas shipping included)

    My friend is trying to sell me on a Toro though, or a similar stemless disc diffused bong (apparently Toro might be hard to find in SD?)

    Anyone have any input on one vs the other? Don't want to go higher than 250.

  2. :OOO toro disc or roor?!? the choices. I would def go the Toro disc but thats just me man.
  3. Roor is everywhere for later
    Toro disc is hard to find now, nab that up.

  4. He's trying to sell me ON a bong, not sell me a bong.
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    I have no clue if they even make the discs anymore, haven't seen em in any headshops in a while. They've been busy making oil pieces, those micros, macros, and macaroons. And obviously they have to put out there bread and butter which is the 7/13 and circ to circ. But I guarantee you could find a Toro with just a fixed 7 arm for around 250-300$ And I'm just going to warn you, Roor isn't that special. Your paying 250$ for the logo on the bong really. Nothing warrants a straight tube with a downstem to be 250$. You will get much better diffusion, by just spending 50-75$ more. You could get a luke wilson 15 arm bubbler, and i can almost guarantee you'd like that more then the Roor. And it's 280$ on A L T

    Edit* Just realized i didn't really answer your question. If you can find a Toro disc, scoop that up over the Roor. The Toro will giver you better diffusion without a question. But there's even better diffusion for just 50-75$ more =)

  6. Everything I have read says that a RooR german diffuser will provide better DIFFUSION than just a stemless disc diffused piece (not saying its better overall though). The $250 comes with a diffuser already, and my last piece was a Roor so i know what I'm getting (I was very pleased with my old bong).

    I'd like to stay BELOW 250 if possible, not 250-300.

    What is a 7/13 btw?

  7. Yea just throwing that out there =), Roors are very reliable when it comes to being a sturdy piece of glass, not easy to break. Really depends on preference. With the Roor diffuser your definitely getting better diffusion then just a slit, or open downstem. I'd still say the Toro disc is a little better, the diffuser obviously has more points of diffusion, but I'd say the disc will give you more water agitation. But that's just my opinion. And your not going to find any Toro below 250, or right at 250. So if money is the main issue here, go with the Roor. And a 7/13 is a perc design that Toro created. It's a stemless tube, with a fixed 7 arm perc on the bottom, and a 13 arm perc on the top. There wayyy too expensive. Bought a worked 7/13 for 750$, not worth more then 525$ But you live in SD which im going to assume is san diego lol, but you can find some NICE glass in cali for 250$. There's more then just Toro and Roor. I'd still say you can find something that diffuses better for 250$ But if you want that really want that Roor, who am i to stop you? :D

  8. Yeah I'm actually from SF though, I'm gonna be up there for a week in march and thinking about waiting to look around up there before ordering online.
  9. ^^no. Don't get anything from this site. Buy quality made glass. And yeah I would wait on that roor. Check out medicali or sheldon black or manifest glassworks. All of them are very affordable/durable glass.
  10. stemless>downstem
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    broooo, believe me, i lovvee roor, and toro for that matter (lovin through itza lawl),
    but i'd easilyyy choose a toro stemless over a roor

    also i got a ton of DE diffys, (6;a buncha spares included) and theyre awesome, but u can't compare them to toros at all. toro diffusion wrecks DE diffys imo
  12. yea dude even though I think toro is almost as overpriced as roor, a toro stemless > roor especially if you are really looking at diffusion and the smoothness of the hit.
  13. This, every day, all day.
    RooR's aren't worth a damn anymore, straight tubes are old tech now, along with downstems. Toro's are even getting dated with pieces from Defi, MOmo, Joel Halen, and others taking the cake as far as the scientific tube market goes.
  14. Well I've come to realize that an actually legit stemless toro is probably out of my price range, so now I'm mainly looking for a good stemless in the 2-300 range that I can compare to a Roor I could get for the same price. The link I posted above seemed to have the most diffusion for the least money, and all the reviews are saying its a good piece/great value. What are some brands I should be looking into with that kind of a budget?
  15. Check out MOmo glass, I know they make stemless exclusively.
    What will you be smoking, flowers, oils, or both? How big of a piece are you looking for? Answer those and it'll help us narrow down the search significantly.

  16. Vertigo, manifest, syn, medicali, sheldon black, zob just to name a few. A good starting point is
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    I just got my veritgo from ***. I was on the fence with roor and decided to go with the new tech. I got the 50mm stemless inline for $230 and added a carbon filter. This hits really smooth and clears ultra fast. It came with a nice diffused slide also.

    I am in the states and did not want to deal with customs and ordering out of country. So i went with *** and got it in 3 days.
  18. Just Flowers.

    Roors I was looking at 14-18in

    With the stemless somewhere between 14-20, bigger the better I suppose.

    BTW I'm not very versed in online headshops so these abbreviations are flying right over my head.

    I'm thinking about waiting till I'm home in SF in about 3-4 weeks so I can shop around haight street and maybe find a better deal than what I might find online.

  19. *** = Aqua lab Technologies. Its a headshop in Cali and has tons of scientific glass blown by local glass blowers. Awesome shit man.

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