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RooR No longer shipping to US?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Durchii, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. I went to the local headshop today and asked about RooR.
    She said 'RooR no longer ships to the US'

    I have no reference to back this statement as I have only seen RooRs when I was in canada.

    Does anyone know about this? I would really like a roor...
  2. my headshop has RooR's out the ass(not sure about back home) but here on campus there are a lot

    havent heard anything like that though, it would suck if it was true
  3. It most definitely would my friend. RooR is the greatest piece to smoke from, but they can't limit what pieces come to the US...
  4. I beg to differ about the greatest
  5. What do you like better than roors? I must admist I love PHX's
  6. Yep them PHX's are crazzy
  7. ROOR has a US based factory somewhere near Venice Beach, California. Not much is known about this factory, other then that it is there, and they create all the perculated ROORs that you see.
  8. Dude PHX are a veryy good peice but a Roor is god and nothing beats that
  9. You have got to find someone who owns a chong bong for sure!!! I love those mmm but I love me a roor anyday !!
  10. Glass on Glass- pryo bongs. they seel em at only one headsop in the metro area and they cost like $600 dollars for 2.5ft bong with perculator. I wish I had the money to get one.
  11. I have hit a roor and I have hit my new vip and i really cannot tell they r both so smooth it is not even funny. I love the sturdy build of the roor and how the roor is the roor, but I cannot say they r the best. I will say that glass on glass bongs r the best thing i have ever hit. JOE>
  12. IMO RooRs = Phx. They are both very nice glass on glass bongs. Ive had a few RooRs and a few Phxs both ripped just as hard. As far as RooR not shipping to the us any more is just a joke. THey would lose so much money. All the headshops near me are packed with RooRs.

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