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  1. Does any one have any more info on these tubes?
    I recently purchased one at a lhs. If it's a fake, it's the nicest one I've ever seen.
    As far as I can tell, it's a custom piece made by this company Natural expansion under the supervision of the Roor family.
    If you look on the Roor de site it says that suite g distribution is the ONLY distibutors of Roor in the usa, but this was posted in january of 2010.
    I just want to know if it's authentic or if I got ripped off, and what is up currently with Roor usa?
    I found a little info on the Kulture website, but the pics they had did'nt show the ne logo
    on back of theirs like I have on mine.
    It's a beautiful piece regardless.
    any help would be appreciated. :confused:
  2. Ya natural expansion is the guys doing the blowing, they are outta norcal somewhere. Last time i was at my LHS, they had some cards with their info on it, they didn't have a website or anything just an email.
  3. It's real
    Ne is part of suite g.I have seen a couple Roors with the ne logo and they were very nice but I think they should ditch the ne logo.
  4. We're gonna need pics and a milk video to be sure of anything.
  5. unfortunatley no milk shot right now, It's a little dry round here.
    here's a couple pics though, and thanx for the feedback.:hello:

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    it's pretty basic, but that's what I wanted. I didn't have a ton of $$ to spend right now.
    If I buy another one it will probably be a little bigger an more ornate.
    I was thinking of getting a German made one, but I'm a little worried about going through
    Edit. I'd hate to have it seized by U.S customs.
  7. Ya i have a dementia from the early 2000's and it's pretty good quality compared to my friend's .de fairmaster. I paid 160 for mine, he paid like 300 on edit and they hit exactly the same imo, totally worth it to buy domestic :hello:.
  8. One more question. Can I find a German diffuser on Edit that will fit this tube?
    It came with the standard open ended down tube, and I really love the diffuser better. Smoother hit! I saw how you can measure it to get the right length, I just didn't know if they were different somehow. thanx.
  9. They real someone posted a kultureva post saying they legit.
  10. I sent Roor DE an email message and they replied to me with this

    Hello, thanks for your question.
    Natural Expansion is authorized to sell ROOR® in the US.

    Best wishes
  11. You can get a roor or ehle diffuser from edit. Just get the same length as standard but remember to measure from the bottom of the joint. It's probably about 13.5cm
  12. Get a worked downstem.I think a worked downstem and slide would make your roor better.Check out some worked Alex k showerhead downstems.
  13. P.s by standard I mean the one u already have. I would recommend u get one I have them on all my straight tubes.
  14. its real as fuck.i assure you

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