RooR mini bong bubbler hybrid

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  1. So about 5 years ago I bought a mini RooR. It is a bong bubbler hybrid and what I mean by this is it is a bubbler that has a carb and a down stem and is about for or five inches tall. I don't use it anymore but one of my buddies who collects glass said it was an early roor piece before the got big in the states and very well could be worth a good chunck of change. I just blew it off for a while but now am very curious if he was correct. What do you all think, would a glass collector truly be interested in it??
  2. Without a pic of it, the answer is no. With a pic, maybe. How about a pic?
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  3. [​IMG]

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  4. LOL yeah, that's really dirty! I don't know what it would be worth, but I could see collectors wanting it
  5. Ya I just haven't used it for a while so I haven't gotten around to cleaning it, but ya it's just a really unique piece and I've never seen anything else like it so that's why I was wondering haha

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