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roor labels

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dankidydank, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. can someone explain to me what the different labels are? i know they have to do with glass thickness and such, is there anything else about them? and if anyone knows could they say what the thickness is for each label or at least the main ones. o and also what are the signatures on roors? my friends got a green label one if anyone at least knows that one. thanks
  2. check out
  3. they are different in the states

  4. Oh really? So the green label in the US isn't 7mm? What is the thickness/label relation in the US?
  5. RooR(Germany)
    Red= 3.2mm
    Orange= 4.2mm
    Black= 5.0mm
    Green= 7.0mm

    Forrest Green = 3.2
    Red = 3.2
    Black, White, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple/Pink = 5mm
    Lime Green = 7mm
    FlamePolished = 5mm or 7mm
    Crown Logo = 9mm

  6. thanks for all the info! +rep
  7. thanks dude
  8. besides the thickness in glass any other difference?

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