ROOR is by far the best bong brand on the market.

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  1. ok so i created this thread because this is something that annoys the shit out of me on GC. all the damn noobs act like they are cool/enlightened, because they think that everyone besides them worships roor.
    no one worships roor

    no one thinks its the best brand.

    stop creating threads about why everyone worships roor, because no one does.
    thank you
  2. stop creating threads about why no one worships roor, because no one cares.
    thank you

  3. stop posting on gc altogethor bc no one cares
    thank you
  4. lol@ this thread
  5. A lil overboard
  6. best thread ever
  7. "Re: ROOR is by far the most over-rated bong brand on the market."

    Fixed it for you. RooR is a name brand. That doesn't mean they're the best. I can get a bong that looks just like a RooR, just as thick of glass, and hits just the same only it doesn't say RooR, but that's alright because its half the price.
  8. Roor is good shit, high quality control but nothing special. SG is where it's at and Illy is by far the most over rated. Ugly bongs, ugly logos, lame!
  9. i have a beaker 7mm illy and yes i over paid for it and yes im extemely happy that i did, that thing works wonders and the digi camo white outline label is beautiful. i dnt think my illy is the best bong to grace this earth however.

  10. I can't remember who said it, but buying a RooR is like buying a Lexus GS series, you're basically paying for a over priced Camry. So buying a RooR is like buying a a decent bong but with a name premium, which is stupid.

  11. yu guys are proving my point. no one thinks roor is a good brand it is an established fact, stop acting like people worship it when no one does.

  12. :cool:
  13. hahahahahahahaha this.
  14. my thread failed. :)
  15. Hating man, hating. Everyone has there favorite everything. Including bongs;)
  16. :smoke::smoke: @ this thread, just got done with my blue label roor :smoke::smoke::smoke::p Milk with my dinner is so delicious!!!

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