Roor, German or USA? help me choose

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  1. ok guys i would like to know if the german roors are really that uch more worth it than the usa.

    i was lookoing at the ones from e d i t. but i wanna know if its worth the money..

    dont worry i also plan on buying a bubb from the worlds best online head shop:hello:

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    My advice is don't buy anything fragile such as a glass pipe through the internet. You don't know if the product is defective in any way when you buy it and your bong is in the hands of individuals who don't give a shit what they are delivering. Go to a good headshop and buy an American made Roor or Illadelph. If you have a ton of money to spend get a sick set-up with an inline ashcather and the works.
  3. if i were you i would just hit up a local headshop.
  4. I think the main advantage of the German roors is the diffy, so it comes down to how badly you want that beastly diffy.

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