ROOR Double Tree, PHX Honeycomb Bowl

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    Sup Guys!

    This was my first piece, figure it be my first post as well! What's good people?!

    [ame=]ROOR double tree, PHX honeycomb bowl! - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Digging the double tree piece. Classic and clean milk video too. Hows the honeycomb bowl? Does it keep the ROOR clean?
  3. Yes, I'd like to hear more about your experience with the PHX honeycomb, been thinking about dropping the money for one.
  4. Nice!! Welcome to GC!
  5. I read somewhere that any Roor with a perc is fake... Idk if it's true or not :bongin:
  6. ^^ that's only true for german roors afaik

    That's probably a roor tech or .us or something

    nice setup op, i feel that the PHX slide is super overpriced though

  7. The bowl does keep my piece clean but the bowl itself is kinda narrow, so some times the bud get stuck in the bowl and i gotta use a paperclip to clean it out. But it does the job, keeps my piece clean without a ash catcher and it works better with grinded bud.

  8. The bowl works great like i said on the other post but ya its kinda expensive for a bowl. Theres a lot of other alternatives you could look into. I know all the major brands make their own but i feel like the honeycomb is the cleanest one so far. I'll look around and tell you if anything comes up. But any of these types of bowls are gotta cost you money!! Just gotta look at which one is worth it.
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    looks nice :). can you get a picture of that phx honeycomb bowl?

    its a roor tech. roor tech replaced to make a more noticeable difference.
    but/because it isn't at quality requirements/standards [​IMG]

  10. 20120320_164441.jpg


    Hope this helps you get a better look at the bowl! Smoke Only Da BOMB Shit!
  11. I don't think that's RoorTech, but +Rep for tha kid frankie :D:D:D:D
  12. That doesn't look much different from my old HiSi bowls I used to buy. They don't make a huge difference, and they are much more brittle. I've broken a few using pipe cleaners and Simple Green in my day.

    I prefer normal bowls, especially at $20 normal/ $30 HiSi.

    Nice hit though OP!!

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