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roor diffuser

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by krazdballer, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. My friend just got a roor bong and he wants to get a diffuser for it and just needs to know what length he should get. The bong is 55cm long, and has a 18.8 joint. The sizes he can choose for are...



    Thanks for all the help.
  2. After searching around my dump of links (otherwise known as my bookmarks), I recovered a link which gives a site which should prove to be extremely helpful. :rolleyes:

    If you know exactly what model (not sure if that's what you'd call a specific bong?), it is, then you can follow this link, and it should lead you to a diffuser paradox is selling.

    Underneath the picture of the diffuser you'll notice a link that reads, "click here for length required". Click that mother fucker. :D

    Now what's really great is... tah dah! It says the cm length right next to the name of the bong, and thus gives you the exact measurement you need for that specific model! :eek:

    Good luck with getting some prime parts for that man, Roor's are very, very nice.
  3. thank you that helped us alot
  4. No problem ;)

    It's what the city's here for, right?
  5. actually, what you need is this

    each roor is hand made. therefor, the stem is custom made for each bong which is why they come in various sizes. Ive gotten 2 broken roors in the mail, and 1 intact. Each bong was the same and each one came with a different size stem

    this is what you want[​IMG]

  6. Um no that is not what he wants. He wants a diffuser not a downsteam. I think that site that was previously given is more accurate to his question. You are correct in saying each roor bong has it's own stem but that is not what he was looking for.
  7. I believe that the picture was just for a reference of what to measure to find out how long of a downstem/diffusor krazdballer needs.

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