Roor diffuser beads

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  1. Anyone used these things? I picked up some today, just took the first hit using them. Pretty cool...kinda makes me nervous using them, putting the downstem back in after the beads are in there is tricky, especially with a diffused downstem.

    My camera is dead or I'd take some pics...maybe I'll try to scrounge some batteries. If I find some I'll post pics up.
  2. pics definately
  3. explain what these are
  4. they are beads that sit at the bottom like rocks, os that the smoke is split up around them and it cools the smoke better. there is a hashbean420 video on youtube if u wanna check it out
  5. i think these are meant for a non diffused downstem.
  6. Pics uploading to my computer now..
  7. No, they are meant for any downstem. You can always diffuse more than it already is. I haven't used them, but it also seems like it might make you bong a little more bottom heavy. Also, what do you do when you empty your bong?
  8. yeah how do you empty the water plus, they just make the hit smoother?
  9. Yes, they make the hit MUCH smoother. I am wondering about the water emptying thing myself.
  10. how much do these things run?
  11. Here's the little cardboard thing that came stapled to the bag.

    The whole contents of the $14 bag in a tube.

  12. About emptying..I duno. I think I'll steal a little 2" strainer from my kitchen thats about 2.5" across, with a handle, so it seems like it could work. Still somethin I need to figure out.
  13. can i just use like little glass beads if i find any around the house?
  14. I don't see why not. But there might be some difference in glass compound or somethin. But they just seem like glass balls.
  15. That's where the idea came from, so yes.
  16. should use marbals instead-look cooler

    and do you put water in with the beads?
  17. Marbles are a lott bigger. Not the same deal.
    Yeah you put water in, thats the concept. It diffuses from every orifice between all the beads on the surface.
  18. Marbles tend to come in different sizes. I'm glad you're satisfied with them but there are much cheaper alternatives.
    Just because they are made by RooR doesn't mean they should cost 10$ more.
  19. I have never seen marbles this small, and I am not saying just because they are made by Roor they should cost more. But thanks for your input.

    BTW...all those marbles you posted are much too big. Didn't prove much of a point with that pic.
  20. seems like an interesting idea....check my sig for the sickest bong soon

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