diffusor vs. Alex K. showerhead

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  1. I know some disagree, kinda curious as to how many? But after using both on the same piece, i think the .de diffusor is superior. Just seems the holes on the AlexK are a tad bigger and it doesnt quite get the diffusion of smaller holes like the .de does. Just 1 mans opinion, feel free to post yours...
  2. I'm with Alex K.
  3. Depends, i like the showerheads on beakers and Roor's on straight tubes.

  4. This sums it up perfectly. The ONLY downside to both of those diffusers is ash getting stuck in them.
  5. I had a feeling alot/more would be. Why if i may ask? I see that its all personal preference, of course, but alot of ppl seem to prefer the bigger holes, i do realize w/ more diffusion, comes less taste. Is there more to it?

    And don't anybody take this poll wrong, i love the fact my AlexK has the 18/14 built in, instead of a separate piece like roor. It's definitely very functional....
  6. I think the showerheads have more even distribution of airflow, but the Roor is more up-down diffusion, rather than all around. That is just what i have noticed lately, since i have been using my Roor/ SB hole diffy's more often, but i think the sh will make a return soon :D.
  7. I definitely agree with the Alex K. on beakers and the on straight tubes.
  8. Having both in my possession I can positively say Alex k kills no matter what piece of glass it's in, peace.
  9. Would those of you who said .de in a straight and Alex K. in a beaker care to elaborate as to why you say so? Is there simply not enough water in a straight for the Alex K. diffuser to function properly?
  10. Just ordered a .de diffy for my roor and I can't wait any god damn longer!!
  11. I got a SSFG shower, a signed Alex D shower, and a roor diffuser....

    the SSFG showerhead is the one i use daily. It bets them both out. The alex K is extremely nice, but the SSFG has larger showerhead cuts, works better.
  12. what size joint?
  13. alex k, hands down. i'm over roor. :rolleyes:
  14. Alex K. In beakers, straights...any way....Alex K. ;)

  15. why is this?
  16. havent seen anyone fully use 15+ holes on the .de
    rendereing it quite useless for the price.
    alex k is my vote.
  17. Alex K because it's cheaper and bushing style. Nobody here would be able to tell the difference in a double blind smoke test, so that debate is kind of ridiculous.

  18. i noticed this the other day while smokin a bowl out of my .de... with a loaded bowl you might get 6-7 of the holes to diffuse the smoke while milking the tube, the diffy really doesnt open up until you go to clear it. i cannot really compare my diffy to an alex k showerhead because i dont have one yet, but i certainly feel there are better options for a diffused downstem then the diffuser. am i dissatisfied with my .de diffuser? hell no, i love it.

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