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Roor custom fix

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lazy4451, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. So, as all great stories start... one day i was really stoned..... however this great story soon turned to tragedy when i was really stoned and broke my roor..... Sitting there with a group of friends, we had just finished smoking the bong. I put it down, off the table for safe keeping. Seeing as we were at my house i decided to run in and grab some of my friends some drinks. It was on this trip, I stood up and accidentally kicked the roor over onto the woden porch. The roor fell over and the joint where you place the downstem in broke.

    Now, nearly a years time later, my friend and I have come up with this makeshift fix. We used some sort of glass epoxy he had. Before the epoxy, we used his dremel to grind some of the broken parts of glass down to a smoother/ smaller surface to be glued. By taping specific sections down at a time, we switched off gluing specific sides and taping sides, waiting for the glue to dry and then repeating the process. The end result can be seen below:

    ps: props to sanders

    here are some pictures:
  2. Thats cool that you got it working again. Those ROORs are pricey and I would hate to have one break on me.
  3. luckily.....well unluckily i guess i had a roor of similar size and mine was shattered....

    but atleast there is a working roor, that i can hit in my area again..
  4. yea lol, sorry i left with the only non-smashed roor. i will hopefully be aquiring a newer non-smashed roor soon. im thinking about getting a 20"+ beaker bottom with a perc, if they even made beaker percs. if not, just a straight tube roor perc.
  5. im contemplating a rasta edition roor or a hurricane... so i wont be out of the runnings for too long
  6. i left out your roor cause i didn't think it right to bring up two tragedies in a single thread... i think im going to save up and get a new diffuser, and a cool bowl too.
  7. what was that 3.2mm glass... i have a friend who broke atleast 3 tubes like that this summer... good thing hes got lots of $$$$

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