Roor Crown Label 9mm 18"

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  1. About a week ago I was on here asking for advice on which 3.2mm roor to get but since my order somehow got screwed up and basically I had to wait for my money to be refunded...bullshit w/e....

    In that time I got another paycheck and found an awesome deal locally.

    I found a Roor Crown Label 9mm 18" beaker bottom with a diffuser and bag for only $360. The guy says it goes for over $650 retail but I haven't been to a headshop in a while to see one. Also, I just wanted to make sure but it is American Roor right?
    Pics below.

  2. Sick +rep
  3. So you guys would say it's a good purchase?
  4. That is a VERY VERY good deal for $360, nice find
  5. The walls look pretty thick up top. Is it as thick on the beaker? Def a ok deal tho man

  6. Yea, it's 9mm all around.
  7. 9mm damn
    That's a beauty to.
  8. wish i had this. super thick. now just get the matching roor crown label A/C for even more smoothness. loved mine but gotta get the joint repaired. definately worth investing in for this sick tube. +rep

  9. Exactly what I was thinking. As soon as I get some more cash I'll be heading over to my local headshop and picking up one of those crown label a/c.

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