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ROOR competitors?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bashthefash, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hey does anyone know what some of the good ROOR competitors are and what they normaly run?

  2. ehle, phx, lux, toro, illadelph, bluedot (not really a competitor), etc and price depends on what you want.
  3. get a lux bro
  4. Lux is the sister company to so Lux is not a competitor

    But your best bet is going to be Ehle. They come very close to RooR quality but the prices are much cheaper. Toro would be another good choice. But they have a pretty long waiting list and the prices are going to be about the same if not more.
  5. Local in my opinion...

    No name roor .... just 2" smaller. $110 + $30 ash catcher. This bong holds a bunch of ice cubes, hits real smooth...hits the SICKEST without the ash cathcer, im sure same goes with roors, but I like keeping my piece clean. Its dirty in this pic tho, this is right after i got the ash catcher, has been using the regular bowl in it.

  6. last I heard toro wasn't even taking orders for the time being since they are so backlogged.
  7. what about amsterdam design studios aka ADS they got some sick ones. id get a ADS ROOR or illadelph before anything else
  8. i have an ATX and its pretty damn bomb.
  9. Kind Creations
  10. illadelph
  11. my friend had a hurricane, which was really nice but im pretty sure that they are pretty pricey?
  12. yea man grab an ehle bong i bought a 12" 250ml GonG with killer diffy for 118 shipped. i know for a fact these are high quality bongs for those that cant afford a roor.

    edit: PM me if u wwant more info on 'em.
  13. ADS is great or a PH(x) for sure. maybe an illy....
  14. a 250ml roor is probably cheaper?? if not the same price Just pointing out that roors have a very very huge range of models and $$prices
  15. Someone else already said it...but I'd go with a Toro, Ehle, or Lux.

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