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    Hi All,:wave:

    My wife and I are brand new to glass bongs. We are in the research phase, (actual cash is a few months away.) We have done some searches here at G.C. We have checked out several manufacturers, and RooR looks cool,( but real spendy:rolleyes:.) We both like the looks/hoped for stability of their "Little Sister Ice" line.

    My wife is beutiful, but blind in one eye, and as a result, her depth-perception is really lacking. I fear problems with the removable bowl that you use in place of a carb on these lovely glass bongs. It would be easy for her to miss the stem when replacing the bowl after a hit, (and these bongs/parts are not cheap, at least not for the two of us.)

    To me, a carburator hole makes sense.

    At the German RooR website, you can build your own bong. One of the options is a Carb-Hole, ( and you can even have a different coulour Carb Hole, if you pay up). Does anyone have experience with this RooR option? Would it be below or above the " Ice Notches" ??? Would there be other problems with a Carb on a RooR bong that I do not forsee?

    The picture of the upgrades at the German RooR site are terrible,(and the upgrades are expensive.)

    Thank You Everyone for your help!

    I Love GrassCity.:hello:

  2. i do not know for sure with RooR, but typically the carb is below the ice notches. Typically the carb is close to the water line. The higher it is from the water line, the harder it is to completely clear, which is really the main downside of a carb, it makes it a little more difficult to completely clear the tube as you could imagine. Its really not a huge dealbreaker though.
  3. Carb holes are generally frowned upon on gong bongs but if that's what she needs that's what's she needs.Why don't you buy a cheap 30 dollar gong bong from grasscity and see if she is able to use the slide before you get the roor.
  4. ^^ this. another option that i know exists with small bubblers but might not be so true for bigger bongs is whats called a snorkle, or wet-carb. basically the opening of the carbhole is underwater, and the part where you cover it with your finger is above water. eliminates the negative effect of a dry carb which is inability to clear as effectively. worth giving it a shot if youd rather not buy a cheap piece first
  5. Alot of options in the glass game few people on here are gonna spit them out so. just my heads UP.
  6. I have a friend who is missing an eye from his time in the Army. He developed a little trick with GonG slides I think might circumvent your problem. When he pulls it clear, he has his other hand at the mouth of the downstem, then uses it to find the downstem again. Even if his visual acuity is off, he still is able to make use of proprioception, your body's ability to know where your limbs are. This is basically the same priciple that allows you to reload a handgun in utter darkness.
  7. Yep, i do the same when i'm watchin tv and rippin the bong
  8. very good options! i would follow their advice

    I like to hit my bong using my leg and pressure from my face to keep the bong in place. That way you have two free hands. She should hold the bowl with her left hand, and light with the right. That way her hand is always on the bowl, and theres nothing to worry about.
    If what i said doesnt really make sense, i can upload picture?
  10. Oh my bad I just realized the problem was about your wife putting the bowl back into the bong.

    Its not like you have to separate the bowl miles away from the bong. just get her lifting the bowl so its just out of the joint, so all ya have to do is plop it back down.

    Seriously man, I understand your thinking behind this, but you dont want a fucking carb on a nice bong. And honestly, its not that hard to put a bowl into a bong, I just tried taking a few hits with one eye closed.

    good luck in the pursuit of an awesome that will hopefully last you a long time
  11. very good options
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    Thank You Everyone!!!

    We really appreciate all the advice, and we will think long and hard before ordering a carb as an option. I think the " buy a cheap bong and see if she has problems with replacing the bowl," idea is great, but I also love what everyone else said.

    Bapee, by all means please upload a picture, Thanx.

    I'd like to mention that we are not completly new to nice glass, ( just nice glass bongs.) We got a Sherlock Bubbler from Lotus Glass two years ago. It has a carb and my wife has no problems with it. It is NICE. I can't post links, and still have no digi camera, but Google Lotus Glass and you will see what I'm talking about, ( I called in sick to work for two days when it first arrived!:smoke:)

    Thank You All, and Peace.


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