RooR beaker bottom vs straight tube

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    which do you prefer and why?

    and i also must add that the beaker bottom has an ice pinch and the straight tube doesnt.
  2. Straight tubes-look way cleaner
  3. i like the st8 better myself
  4. Beaker bottom, because I want more filtration, not to mention if you've got ice pinches you don't need to worry about the melt water flooding the bowl.
  5. Beaker bottoms feel more comfortable for me. I like to smoke on my bed and the beaker just happens to fit better.
  6. Honestly, I've never hit a beaker bottom roor... I mean, I've hit more classic bongs, of the sort with the kind of bubble full of water... But never a roor beaker bottom. But I like the look of a strait tube much more than that of a beaker bottom, in MOST cases.
  7. i've got a straight one and i love it. my friend has a beaker and its good but i dont feel like there's any obvious advantage, and actually its really difficult to hit, but that might be because of his diffusers.
  8. i forgot to add that the beaker bottom has an ice pinch, and the straight tube does not.
  9. beaker... because it just looks better imo
  10. I think straight tubes are best for that, beaker just gives you volume. The smoke gets more stale in a beaker
  11. what about a breaker with ice pinch vs straight tube with no ice pinch?
  12. All things being equal I prefer a straight tube over a beaker. I mean the ice pinches just come down to if you are gonna use ice or not. I don't really feel the need for ice much so I'd rather have the better performing tube.
  13. straight tube

    clears so fast/less drag

    does not look like a chemistry supply

    usually a little bit less $$

    i hardly ever use ice in my bong but id look for a straigh ttube with a catch
  14. its either i get a little sister beaker with ice pinch or a straight tube with no ice catch. they are the same price, same height, same thickness. which should i get?
  15. You have the facts man, if you aren't buying a bong that you prefer/like why are you buying one at all?
  16. Normal straight tube for me. Beaker looks like a science beaker but i'm against it aesthetically.
  17. obviously a bong w/ ice pinches > bong w/o ice pinches

    otherwise, i prefer a straight tube, and since i don't do the ice in the bong thing much, the pinches are of no consequence to me.

    i'd go with a straight tube, but it's all personal preference.
  18. i like them both, i just dont know which would be a better buy.
  19. ^^ If they are both the same price and same quality/maker and specs of the tube then it's the same buy either way. It's a personal preference if you want something with more volume or quicker clearing.
  20. same price = equal deal

    if you want the ice pinches, go with the beaker. if not, go with whichever you think is more aesthetically pleasing. i'm assuming both are unpercolated RooRs so you won't have much of an issue with drag, but a straight tube will clear slightly faster, and a beaker will have slightly more filtration.

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