ROOR Ashcatcher Authenticity?

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  1. So my ROOR bong is directly from and I am obviously not concerned with its authenticity, but I just picked up an ashcatcher from my local headshop and I don't know how reputable the place is. Everything looks legit to me, price matched, opinions?

  2. Care to elaborate?
  3. It looks real to me.
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  4. The easiest way to tell would be to go to and look at their dealer locator. Put in your postal code and you will find out if your local shop is an authorized dealer. 
  5. Looks like a fake to me, I don't think the real ones say "made in Germany" on the bottom and the sig looks wrong.
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    Their authentic bongs come with made in Germany on the bottom so I can't see why the ash catcher would be any different. 

    I have to admit though, something about it seems off. The biggest thing is the defused downstem. From what I've seen, all Roor ash catchers come with a non diffused downstem. 
  7. I'm going to need to see at least fifty or more close up pictures. J/K :D  
  8. I'd guess Fake, the sig isn't as clean and the shape looks a bit off, the joint also looks a little different, more rounded at the lip.

  9. The diffused downstem is an option on for an extra 17 eur. In terms of just minor shape comments I guess it would be hard to tell unless I could physically put it beside an authentic one. All the ROOR pieces the shop had were pretty much identical to, so they are either real or really good fakes and actually doing their homework.
  10. I believe that the point of a fake is to make it look identical to the authentic version... There are going to be subtle variations that you would need to look closely and have a trained eye to see. Of course there are the no attempt made versions but most knock off companies are smart enough to know that they have to somewhat pass off as an authentic roor; ESPECIALLY if they are selling it at the price of an authentic roor (as you said they were). 

    Did you try what I said earlier about seeing if they are on the official list of retailers?

    Now that I know theres an option for the diffuser stem with their ash catchers I am less inclines to believe it's fake. So honestly, I have no idea. 
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    I have one direct from RooR and it doesn't, even though my bong does, also my sig doesn't look like yours.
  12. Is your bong directly from RooR?
  13. Well, the whole point of a signature is to look different, but if it shouldnt have the made in Germany that is definitely an issue
  14. I wouldn't worry about the Made in Germany. That seems to have become a thing in the past year or so. My Lil Sista, which I know to be 100% legit, has it printed on the beaker in the same font.
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  15. That was what I thought. Same thing with my lil sista that I also ordered online
  16. It's fake. Throw it away and buy another one. Real Roor glass is un-breakable.
    Yes, my buddy is a vendor for them, I bought a fair bit of glass at trade price.
    The sig looks vastly different though. My bong has "made in Germany" on it but nothing else in my glass collection does and its all from Germany.
  18. Real for sure,...sigs vary drastically so that's nothing to worry about, unless its the common squiggly line which it clearly isn't. 
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  19. The decals on ash catcher and the stem are placed in the way that a real roor has them, so thats a good sign. The only thing that sketches me out is that sig....idk why but it does. 

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