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RooR and their accessories

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by valioway, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Hey folks,

    Here's todays Q: I have recently ordered my self a RooR Crimson King (which I, after I had paid for it, found out that it was out of stock. GJ, now I don't know what the fuck to choose...) and noticed their was all these accessories for it, like different kinds of coups and shit.

    Now I'm not enterly new to smoking bong but what I used to do back when I smoked 'em I would put on some alumnium foil over the cup for the weed not to get all over the water and shit cause of the big hole in the cup. Now what do I need to save myself from getting cool weed tea instead of a nice hit?

    Don't get the idea of me beeing a noobie or so, I'm just a joint smoker who decided to spend a little extra for something you can use as a artistic item in you appartment rather than just roaches lying around... Plus, now I hopefully will find out why people love roor so much :)

  2. if your speaking of what i think then you can honestly pick just about any roor. they all have accessories just make sure that they are the same joint sizes when it comes to bowls, downstems, a/c etc.

    for your issue with you bud falling through the bowl just buy some screens. i garuntee GC has some in its shop.
  3. you should be fine with just a roor and no accesories. if you wanna keep the roor cleaner than i would suggest a nice pre cooler, which look great on roors and also offer extra filtration. another good thing for a bong would be a diffused downstem. instead of a regualr downstem that just has an opneing at the bottom of it, these have little holes, usually diamond cut and they enable the smoke to be more dense in the bong itself (more smoke)
    Good luck, roor is a great choice!

  4. Yes they make all kinds of accessories for your RooR. Here are some of mine:

    I wouldn't get the R00R cleaner, its just iso alcohol with a R00R sticker.

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