RooR 3.2 mm bongs

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  1. Whats up grasscity, I'm lookin for a bong and was wondering about the disadvantages of the thinner roor bongs. I really don't want to spend over 200 dollars for a bong, but still value quality. So does anyone have any experience with the thinner roor models or have any words of wisdom? I was also looking at the mad scientist and would probably get the pre cooler with it. Some of the roor models im interested in are the roor 3.2 35 cm and the roor custom bong 3.2 mini master. If there are any roor models under 200 dollars that are under 200 please let me know, any other feedback is appreciated.
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  2. i actualy have a rasta label mini master custom, and the glass is ALOT thicker than all my friends no name shit. And even though its only 3.2 it is still thick and heavy feeling, it feels nice and sturdy.
    Plus i dont really travel with my bong and when i do its in the bag they gave me when i bought my roor. Im really carefull with it anways.

    But to answer your question 3.2mm is really sturdy and alot thicker than it sounds, a bunch of members at TC thought it was a 5mm.

    ohh and i payed 220$ for the bong, 40$ for diffuser and it came out to 275$ with tax, and a free padded bag so im satisfied

  3. Cool man thanks, sounds like the roor quality is really worth the money.
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    I got a 3.2 mini master red label straight tube with notches, its 14 inches tall. Its treated me well

    I got it shipped from overseas, from edit. They had to ship 3 out to me cuz the first two came shattered but it was because they were real lazy and just bubble wrapped it and threw it in a box and shipped. They sent replacements, and its been fine.

    If you order from edit you'll be good to go, if you take care of your glass and don't got butter fingers youll be set.

    I'm happy with mine although I wish it was taller or had a Perc or two but hey it still tears me up

  5. can i see a pic of ur bong dude??
  6. I would not worry so much about the 3.2mm - as a few other people said it is fairly solid.

    I have had a few 3.2's and have not even had any close calls.

    Good luck.
  7. well aparently 3.2s are complete crap when it comes to durability. I have a 3.2 lil sista and the joint completely shattered on me from being accidently tipped over on a carpeted floor. Dont get me wrong the Roor hits very nice and all that but for durability they are complete shit for what your about to pay for it.

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