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  1. Just picked up a green label ROOR from a shop in town. I did not get a diffused downstem and it came with a kind of tiny bowl, so I picked up some better ones with it. The deal here for me is that I got a LEGIT glass on glass 18" ROOR for only 94 dollars. It was $160 Originally but my shop had a 40% off ROOR glass sale. I believe the reason for this sale was because recently ZOB bought the rights to the ROOR name in the US. So guys what do you think? good pickup? Hits are smooth, got a bigger bowl that can hold a gram. I am one happy smoker!!

    PICs:Some here, horrible quality. Photoshoot update coming soon!!

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  2. Those pictures are poor quality so it's hard to tell whether or not it's a real RooR, but regardles... nice tube for $94!! :smoking:
  3. ^^ Ya its hard to tell from the pics if its legit. I cant see the sigi well or anything so im just going to asume its real for the time being! Nice tube dude!
  4. Yea I understand that. I was too busy using it to take pictures! there will be better ones tonight, of everything. Every angle. Maybe even a few Bud shots with it if Ya'll are lucky!

    @Qwisont75: the sig is a Green S with a little extra curl at each end and some blue dots in the center of the curls.
  5. [ame=]YouTube - ROOR SIGS[/ame]


    TC roor signature thread?!?!? - TokeCity

    Honestly your piece is probably fake but I can't tell from the pictures. Good luck.
  6. it looks pretty legit.

    nice pickup
  7. When you are saying "Green Label" you are incorrectly refering to a which is 7mm thick glass. Even the cheapest 7mm "green" starts around $375 or so i think. So it is probably not a german but...
    Looks like a legit .US piece with a green label. But can't tell 100% till some cleaer pics. If it is a legit .us piece, you got a steal at $94, imo. I would buy it also at that price, the .US pieces will be collectors items eventually i think.
  8. Come on guys get real. This tube was purchased from 42 Degrees in Ann Arbor and it's legit. I just took advantage of the very same deal.

  9. Maybe the old perc tubes before they turned into LUX, or the worked customs. But the new (07-09) US straight tubes have always lacked behind germany in every way except price really.
  10. Sounds like a good deal to me. I must have missed where he said he got it from, 42deg has a good rep on here from what i can tell.

    To chris, can't argue that logic my friend. It seems to be the most common line of thought and the 1 i subscribe too. That said, the reason i think they might become collectors pieces is 2 fold. Roor will always be a name in the game, and with only so many .us pieces made over the years, they will be lost and broken with time and even fewer will exist. 2nd is the blower, if he becomes more popular(as will all good blowers as decriminilization creeps into mainstream US) his very few pieces with a roor label will be worth even more. It won't be their quality that will make them worth, it will be scarcity, imo. Don't get me wrong, i could be way off base, wouldnt be the first time, lol...
  11. U/l some more pics. What do ya'll think?

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  12. Yea it's a piece from 42 Degrees.

  13. The glass on this baby is def. 7mm. Also has a rare 14 bowl to 18 diffuser downstem.

  14. Even .us pieces are nice, especially at that price. But are you trying to say it is a 7mm green label even after the info i provided? As i said "Green Label" Roors are 7mm German made. Yours is "probably" not a 7mm german made "Green Label". Just want to make sure you realize the differences between the 2? Before you go trying to tell someone who knows the difference.

    If i remember correctly, all .us pieces were made in the same thickness, i thought i heard 5mm, could someone correct me if i am wrong on that.
    Here is the German twin to your bong and as you can see, they are 4 times the price you paid. Hope this helps your understanding...

    Roor Bong Icemaster - 7mm - Online Shop
  15. Sorry OP your tube is not 7mm. It is 3.2mm. That downstem is also not rare by any stretch of the word.

    All .us RooRs are certainly not the same thickness. They vary from 3.2mm to 9mm.
  16. ZOB bought
  17. That may have just been a rumor. RooR issued a statement saying that there will no longer be a distinction between US and German products so it is highly unlikely that ZOB will get ROOR licensing rights.
  18. legit tube nice pickup now post a milk haha.
  19. looks legit to me, nice pickup man, regardless, if it hits nice and you like it you got a smokin deal.
  20. dude i literally just got the same piece, from the same place..


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