RooR 14.5 or 18.8 mm. ?

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  1. Hi Everyone,:wave:

    My wife and I are considering a RooR 7.0, 35 cm. Lil Sista, (or possibly a straight tube 45 cm. 7.0.) We would order directly from RooR in Germany. We would order either bong with ice notches. We both really love the look of the Roors. Sadley, the cash is a few months away.:mad:

    My question is: 14.5 mm. or 18.8 mm. joint thickness? I have done searches, and have yet to find the answer I am looking for. So I thought I'd ask the PROS:D

    Neither one of us are Huge tokers, and I have some lung problems due to long term tobacco smoking, ( please don't hate me for it, and starting to smoke cigs. was probably the dumbest thing I have ever done. It is a REAL BIG MONKEY.)

    So wich of the two joint thicknesses would be easier on the lungs, (and hopefully make coughing fits less likely,) 14.5mm. or 18.8mm. ??

    Also,we would hope to add a nice ashcatcher and shower head diffy eventually, ( I don't know if that would change your advice.)

    Thank You Everyone,
    We love you Guys!
  2. The 18.8 will allow for more airflow and quicker clears of the bong. Plus with an 18.8mm you can always buy a reducer stem to accomodate 14.5mm slides/ac.

    I say go with the 18.8

  3. well, im not exactly sure sure which would be smoother, but the differences I've heard from people on the site is 14 mm are easier to milk, but 18mm clear faster. I personally would say go 18, then if you want you could get an 18-14 mm reducer.
  4. I would get an 18.8, you can't buy showerheads for 14.5mm and 18.8 will clear faster and give you better flow when you add on ash catchers.
  5. Most Roor's i have seen come with 18/14 downstems, so he could get a Alex K in the future. Just get whatever tube you like, joint sizes imo aren't really a big deal. All my tubes have 14mm slides, and they provide smoother, smaller hits than my friends 18mm tubes, which are larger rips.
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    If your ordering it straight from the Germans, get a .de diffy for it. Now that the alex k showerhead has been out for awile people are starting to hate on the but believe me, you wont be disappointed its amazing
    Oh and for your original quiestion,,go 18mm
  7. If mine was a 14 I'm sure I would have problems with drag with a perc and inline ac but it seems to be just fine being an 18. You can always buy a $14 adapter to downsize the 18, but you can never upsize, just my .02
  8. There really isnt a specific answer to that. Its alot of preference and personal use habits.

    You want the beaker, imo, for better filtration cause of lungs. I would base my 14 or 18 decision on what size bowls i plan on packing most. 18 size bowls are bigger and hold alot more and need to be packed larger to get good hits because of airflow, especially if you add a a/c later. My roor 18 size bowl i can prolly pack a gram and half in there, 14 bowls are less. Just depends how many times you want to/or have to pack it up.

    For only 2 ppl(at least most of the time is what i gather?) if your smoking good bud and dont hit much or dont plan on adding a/c, you want 14. But if smoking less quality bud that you need more hits, or you just smoke alot of bud you would benefit from the 18, maybe. Depending on how much you personally smoke. Do you understand why you can't find a definitive answer? cause its a mix of personal situation, and smoking habits and experience w/ those type pieces. You will be happy with either, as Kevin pointed out.

    Me personally(i have a straight and beaker roor) but i went 18 on both, and reduced w/ alexk showerheads on both. Then i can pick whatever i want to use for the specific occasion. I am very happy w/ my decision to do that now. You will be happy with either though, as both sizes will cripple ya, lol. Hope this helps ya man...
  9. I don't know if you have your mind set on a glass piece or not but you might want to look into vaporizing. Vaporizing is very easy on the lungs so it sounds like it might be a good solution for you. There are plenty of nice vapes in all different price ranges so I'd say it's definitely worth looking into.
  10. No offense to Reel but I don't think 14 or 18 has anything to do with bowl size... I have 14mm bowls that are bigger than 18's and 18's that are snap bowls... Unless you were talking specifically about the bowl that comes with the roor.
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    None taken man, i aint emo or nothin, lol, im all about well thought out discussion. Anyway, Even the US tubes 18mm w/ pinches that i have is huge, packs like a gram and a quarter. I mean, yeah, some bowls are specific, but almost every custom/standard size 18 bowl i've ever seen needs alot packed in it, which is good if you smoke regs, not so good for the quality i put in, its expensive, lol.. unless you buy specific, like the snapper 18 you refer to. Definitely the roor standard 18 bowl that will come w/ his is huge, needs a half gram to get it started. Hope that clears my logic on that alittle.
  12. Hello again Everyone:wave:

    I only have a minute at the moment, (but tomorrow I will have more time.)

    I just want to thank you for All for your GREAT input!:hello: You folks are awsome!

    We really like glass, so that is where we are headed.

    Peace to All Of You,

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